Hi. My name is Judy. I decided to put up this page about me, because I anticpated that hundreds of people will write and ask about me. Although nobody has written yet, and no one has given me any hint that they want to know anything about me whatsoever, I will be prepared (smile)

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, USA and still living in the area, I probably became interested in owls when at a very young age, I happend to come upon a baby owl that was trapped in my parents basement.

When I went down the steps one day, it was just sitting on a clothes line, its big eyes staring at me. It frightend me so much that I ran up the stairs screaming!

Long after I had calmed down and the owl had managed to escape, I started to wish the owl would return and be my friend. I would go to the basement each day and search for the friend I wanted, but the owl would never come back. He had gone back to where he had came, where he belonged.

Since those days I've always loved owls and have amassed a very large collection of owl things. Now thanks to the internet I can hope to share my owl collection and my thoughts with others around the globe.

I would like to hear any stories you have about these wonderful creatures. Send me your story or comments and I'll post them too.


Judy aka 4owls, forowls