My Owls Credits Go To These People

People and Places on the net with owls

that have given me help with creating MyOwls Pages

Lou's Owl Page
Easily arranged for quick reference

Cameron Owls
This wonderful site has beautiful owl sculptures in soapstone, bronze, pewter, and copper done by Mr. Clarence Cameron. Some of my favorite owls are on his site.

Jennifer's Owl Page
Inspired me to start my own owl web project. Everything about owls and many links

The Owls Pages
Has so much information about owls you could easily get lost among all the owls there!

Owlman's Boreal Owl HomePage
A study of the Boreal

Mr. VanDijk was kind enought to allow us to use some of his paintings

 The  Nice balance of owl info and merchandise from Norfolk England
 OwlWatcher Has links to other owl sites
 OwlsQuill Has links to other owl sites, original writings and owl info

Bioinfo Animal Picture Archive
Don Baccus
Deane P Lewis
Andy Harmer
Donald & Molly Trounson
Jason Wiersma
Chris Huber
Andy Readman
Romm Springall
Janet Sparrow
Richard Hill
Paul Meek
Greg Lasley
Mark Moon Photography
Joe Thornbugh
E.McNabb,  Ninox Pursuits
Richard Hill
Axia Wildlife