THE GOOD-Well I have said it once and I will continue to say it Nancy Lee Grahn is awesome. I absolutely enjoyed every scene that she was in this past week. Whether she was standing up to the Quartermaines:ĒAlexis: Number one, I don't feel an over whelming need to make a gesture. Number two, I love Ned

and intend to spend the rest of my life with him with or without the Quartermaines. Number three, I don't go against my principles for love or money or, with due respect, either one

of you. Number four, I promised Emily that I would give Zander Smith a comprehensive defense, and that's what I'm going to do. Is there anything else? That's good because if you have any other questions about this pending case, you're going to need to make an appointment. And expect a bill. Excuse me.Ē or showing the more vulnerable side of her as her wedding day approaches:" Honey, I'm not an ingenue bride, which is what I associate with being walked down the aisle and given away --

not to mention the inherent offensiveness of that concept,

that some man would hand me off to another man as if I were

a power tool or a piece of property, which clearly 'm not.

I just want that understood.Ē She truly loves Ned but you can really see how terrified she is thinking she will give up part of herself by marrying him, thus wanting to keep her own name. Well I could quote on and on but I guess you get the picture that I really like her and I think she is one of the best assets GH has. Now that Bob is gone I wonít have to worry so much that she will be banished like so many others were while he had the reins.

Before I go on I would like to take a moment to congratulate Michele Val Jean on her promotion to head writer. Good decision here, and you gooooooo girl.

Now I know in the beginning I had my doubts about Zander/Xander staying with the show. But I am willing to admit that I have really grown to like him weird names and all, and I am glad they have decided to let him stick around for awhile. Of course you all know how I feel about Juandull, so the less I see of him the better. That scene at the jail when Juan attempted to warn ZXander (this is easier & faster then typing two names) to stay away from Emily was laughable. It sure says a lot when some of us would rather have Em be with a drug dealer/kidnapper/alleged cop killer then Juan. Poor pathetic Juan. I think itís time to move on maybe to another network?

LUCKY AND LIZ! Well guys what do you think is it going to happen? Are they finally going to get together? I havenít read anything about next weekís show so I truly donít know. Also even if I did know for those who donít do spoilers and donít want to know I respect that and wouldnít say if I did. But I can venture an opinion. I would truly like to see them REALLY get together in New York but the fact that the writers didnít let the whole love scene play out and left us wondering till Monday or whenever just makes me a little skeptical. For those of you who may already know then I guess youíre not wondering. Hmmmmmm to know or not to know that is the question. No wait a minute thatís a different quote. Oh well I guess Iím just going to have to wait and see.

I will not dwell on the Sonny/Carly scenes. Suffice to say they just keep getting better and better. Sarah and Maurice are just awesome and they make every scene look so real, they just flow.

I know she still acts like a dumb ass sometimes but when she is around him she softens and just seems to glow. But of course who wouldnít when you could be around that gorgeous babe. Those dimples get me every time. :-)

If you are listening Michelle and I know you probably are unlike the previous head writer whatís his name please continue writing these scenes with Nik and Gia. I think they are great together. Between the way he jumps to her defense: ĒNow, the service here has been rather acceptable every time also, but I'd have to say that you're the exception. Now, my friend here has been

courteous and professional. You might consider following her example. Mr. Rhodes: I apologize -- Nicholas: It's ok. I'm sure we all hope it won't happen again. Gia? Gia: Love the prince routine.

Nicholas: Yeah, well itís in my blood. What can I say?Ē To putting her in her place when she gets to acting like a smart ass, which is most of the time. ď Gia: It's my problem if Sheba's eating your portion of the rent. Nicholas: So far you're the one who has not made a rent payment.Ē Of course it goes without saying that anyone who rubs Helena the wrong way in my book canít be all bad.


BAD- That whole Halloween/birthday party thingie that Boobie hosts every year as Laura put it. Give me a break. Yes it was cute the way all the little kids dressed up and went trick or treating. Iím not doing a bah humbug Halloween here it just the way they went about it. First of all that whole Lucas/dressed up as Roy/Sonny/maybe Regis? thing was ridiculous. Maybe my mind is going but I never remember seeing Sonny wear one of those hats. If Iím wrong I stand corrected, but I donít think I am. If Lucas was supposed to have come up with this idea all on his own and this is a stretch then maybe Boobie should be a little concerned.

It just seems to me that as a child, he would have come up with a different kind of costume. Heís hardly ever around Roy and I canít remember the last time he spent time with Sonny . I mean whatís wrong with him dressing up like a doctor like his dad? But then we wouldnít havenít been able to witness all that confrontation between Roy and Tony and Boobie. ZZZZZZZZ.

Now I have no problem with the writers beginning to show Maxie entering her teenage years and wanting to dress older and wear make up and blah blah blah. But come on, her first crush out of all the boys at her school is none other then Lucky? Lukeís son?

Of course if we werenít smart enough to notice the irony of the whole thing we had the Flea to point it out to us. ďFelicia: Uh-huh.

How ironic. My daughter is falling for Lukeís sonĒ Awww isnít that cute? Yucko. If I didn'tí t know any better I would say this was on of Bobís last storylines. Please writers do not pursue this .Flea is enough of a ditz just trying to cope with her daughter wanting to date. Geezzz the way she reacted when Maxie told her you would have thought she was telling her she was running off to get married. That whole choking on the drinking glass and dropping it was pathetic. Grow up Flea your daughter is starting to act more grown up then you are. Which I might add does not surprise me.

Oh what a surprise it was Mike lurking in the shadows. I mean here we go again. Once again Carly is trying to get Sonny and him back together and once again Mike is proving just what a loser he is by living in dump and owing money once again. I really canít blame Sonny for the way he feels because it just keeps happening over and over. Now, Carly is doing her dumb ass routine and trying to stop these thugs from beating him up, by mentioning just who his son is. She definitely needs to get a job before she gets herself or somebody else killed. I know sheís only trying to help but her help only seems to get Sonny arrested and here we go all over again. Sighhhhhhhh.


UGLY- So what part of the Stefan/Chloe/faux kidnapping/falling in love with each other/ donít you guys like? Lets see there was the coming in out of the rain and Chloe disrobing because she was cold and of course he had to warm her up so her luscious lips wouldnít stay blue. Then there was the exchange of first love stories where of course they both experienced there first kiss and of course it was fireworks for the both of them. Do I have to go on? Well I be remiss if I didnít mention the lovely meal they shared in their new digs. ďChloe: That was the best meal

ever. Stefan: It was very good. Chloe: Mmm. Stefan: You know, I can't remember the last time I had grilled fish for breakfast.Ē Geezzz youíd think they were on a romantic camping trip instead of captors of Helena, supposedly on a island somewhere in the Mediterranean. Where are we going with this guys? Or donít I even want to know. I know I doní t want a romance between these two but then I didnít want the Flea and Luke, Juan & Em, Faison to leave........need I go on? Well Iíve endured worse storylines then this I guess I mean how could we forget Robin and the alien?????????


I DONíT KNOW- I love the idea that Laura wants to do something different with her life. Itís about time. Iím just not sure if I like the way sheís going about it. I applaud her for not taking favors from Scotty this is good. I understand that she doesnít want to be ripped off by Ed. Amanda Barrington? Well she did have a point Laura has had no experience in running a company. Of course that never stopped soap opera characters before so why should we start now. Lauraís reaction to her suggestion that she work as a cosmetic clerk at Windomís was understandable but a little condescending. Like sheís too good to work at a department store? It looks like sheís going to end up doing business with Sonny and that means Carly and that means trouble. But who knows maybe theyíll become best of friends and turn Deception into another Max Factor/Maybe line/Cover Girl, well I could go on but you get my drift. Guess we will just all have to wait and see. Sorry Olive it looks like you may have to start ďffĒ those scenes with Laura next. :-)

Well thatís it for this week guys, hope you enjoy!