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That's a real challenge for a nature girl like yourself. </P> <!-- START OF THE I DON'T KNOW LOGO --> <TABLE> <TR> <TD> <IMG SRC="http://S Ж АВBDШшњ^rtvЊ>@Blnджц№амТ Ю к ь ю № ђ X Z \ b d f h j l n p r t v x z | Њ Ќ Ў О Ш М ”   В Д ь ю № ђ є і ј њ ќ ў    ќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќCHNKINK 6ј4TEXTTEXT4FDPPFDPPFDPPFDPPFDPPFDPP FDPCFDPC"STSHSTSH$hSTSHSTSHh%іSYIDSYID^($SGP SGP ‚(INK INK †(BTEPPLC Š((BTECPLC В(FONTFONTЪ(ђEOBJPLC М)pSTRSPLC ,*`MCLDMCLDŒ*ЎPRNTWNPR:/„FRAMFRAMО08TITLTITLі2. <HTML> <HEAD> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="Microsoft Word 97"> <TITLE>General Hospital THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY AND </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgproperties="fixed" text="teal" LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080"> <B><U> <FONT SIZE=6><P ALIGN="CENTER">The Good, Bad, and Ugly</P> </B></U></FONT> <center> <img src="http://myowls.tripod.com/gbu-logo.gif"> </center> <FONT SIZE=5><P ALIGN="CENTER"><u><B>July 9999999th, 2001</b></u></P> </FONT> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="Internet Assistant for Word Version 3.0"> <!-- Happy Face --> <FONT FACE="Comic Sans MS" SIZE=4 COLOR="#00007f"> <TABLE> <TR> <TD><IMG SRC="http://myowls.tripod.com/happyface.gif" WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=46 BORDER=0 ALT="This is the Good Stuff"> </TD> <TD><B><U><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>THE GOOD</FONT><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ffffff"></B></U></FONT><FONT SIZE=4> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <FONT FACE="Comic Sans MS" SIZE=4 COLOR="#00007f"> ќџ <!-- The Bad Logo --> <TABLE> <TR> <TD> <IMG SRC="http://myowls.tripod.com/frowningface.gif" WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=46 BORDER=0 ALT="This is the BAD Stuff"></TD> <TD><B><U><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>THE BAD</FONT><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ffffff"> </B></U></FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <!-- END OFTHE BAD LOGO --> ќџ </P> <!-- START OF THE UGLY-Smiley LOGO --> <TABLE> <TR> <TD><IMG SRC="http://myowls.tripod.com/uglysmiley.gif" WIDTH=42 HEIGHT=44 BORDER=0 ALT="This is the Ugly Stuff"> </TD> <TD></FONT><B><U><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>THE UGLY</FONT> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <!-- END OF UGLY LOGO --> ќџ <!-- START OF THE I DON'T KNOW LOGO --> <TABLE> <TR> <TD> <IMG SRC="http:S     p € Š lx&(\^`bhjКЪдортЮатВОЪмо"$&(*,246@BDFHJLNPRTVX’і>HЪVpr,.0LNPˆŠІZH”ЌЎОЮоќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќќортфцј4ќќддќЬЬЬ(2‚"'(Š  л)л @ЗS ЗTŒZ ^ ` b ў    `dfh*.024тцј4ЮœЮ’„’Ю’„’Ю’„’Ю’„’RЮ’фВ2 "ˆЖ" $Š ."30 "ˆЖ" $Š ."3> "ˆЖ" $Š$ 08ˆ."32 "ˆЖ" $Š ."џ"  " 2 "ˆЖ" $Š ."џџ2 "ˆЖ" $Š ."33TЯ@вdTSH8>b†šЄЎИТж№4џџџџDefinition TermDefinition ListH1H2H3H4H5H6Address Blockquote Preformattedz-Bottom of Form z-Top of Formт AвdTSHp~†”œЊИЮфє 0:P`v†œЌДТтf˜Єж "№Р‚ " "№Р‚ " "№Р‚ "ј|Р‚  " І"ј|Оe " ј" ј Оe  "ј| ј " ј" ј Оe  "ˆЖ ј " ј" ј Оe ј " ј" ј Оe  "№ ј " ј" ј Оe  "рŒ ј " ј" ј Оe  "№ ј  "№ "ј|"ј|" ј" јвd, "№$Š  08І)P2‚J' (Š@ ХJ  Š• Oр +%( йu.0 žР78 c A@ (VJH э SP Вы\. 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