Owls are so cute as this little guy can attest to

This site is dedicated to my favorite subject,
I have gathered hundreds of pictures of owls in all their glory, from the barn owl to the snowy owl.

You can read about the history and where they live and a little bit about each one. There is also a section of my own private gallery of my own collection which numbers in the hundreds that I am working on right now. I have been collecting owls for about 20 years now and am very proud of it.

I would love to chat with or exhange with anyone more pictures of owls or any tidbits you have about these wonderful creatures. These pages are ever changing as I continue to add more info and try to aknowledge all the wonderful people who love owls.

If someone should discover any copyright material on these pages and points it out to me, I'll will remove it immediately. I have no intention of using other peoples work without their permission.

This little guy was sent to me by my friend Julie. Thanks Julie

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