December 12, Sunday, 1999



THE GOOD   -   Liz finding Jason and taking him back to her studio to take care of him. Liz standing up to Carly ("I'm nobody's angel"). Didn't you just love it? Carly has such a way of just aggravating the hell out of people. That alarm-pulling trick was the icing on the cake so to speak. Here is somebody trying to hide from the mob, trying to heal from a gunshot wound and this bitch pulls the alarm and makes him get up and wander outside in the cold just so she can see him. Boy I'm sure glad I don't have anyone is my life that "loves" me that much. Of course Jason telling her to "Beat it" was a perfect end to my week. I wanted to reach in and hug him and to Carly go NaNANaNaNANa!!!!

Sonny visiting Lily's grave (aside from Lily getting three yrs older since we were at her graveside last) and saying"Any honor I had left is gone". Even tho he is a sleaze for bedding Carly I felt his pain and what he has become. Maurice's talent just keeps shining thru. Of course his small reconciliation with Juan was an added touch. I'm not sure who wrote those scenes, but if you did Guza(and believe me this is really hard for me to say) then congrats to you. If you didn't then observe what really good story writing is all about.

Mike reading Hannah the riot act. "Didn't he tell you to leave?" "Then what are you still doing here?" I loved it he showed her no mercy. Too bad he didn't know about her betrayal when she was standing next to the water's edge. Just one little slip and.............But then the lovely Port Charles River would have been polluted. So I guess some things are for the best. Again I say some good writing so take credit while you can Guza I know this isn't going to last. Oh by the way get my Christmas card yet Bob? Sorry for all the slings and arrows but you're just too easy.


THE BAD   -  Jax finding out that Jerry isn't going to beat the rap. I mean I never was thrilled with Jerry and up to a couple of months ago couldn't stand Jax I actually felt myself feeling sorry for Jax. Must be Alexis's influence because we know it's not fluff head's (smile and the whole room smiles with you).

Bobbie having to explain to Lucas that once again someone he loved "did a bad thing" and has to be punished. Will you ever learn Boobie?

Carly bragging to Hannah that Sonny had already moved on to something better. What Carly, a better acting slut? Better taste in clothes slut? How many times I can be betray my man slut? Oh no wait a minute I did it for a good reason slut right? Give it up Carly I think you blew it this time.




Anyhow Taggert, if you have any brains start walking away fast right now before she gets her clutches into you. Even you deserve better then her. Anyone can make you dessert, even Dara!

That scene in the restautant with Aunt Gertrude sizing up Allan like she was moving in for the kill. Oh please pick someone we don't know yet for this plot to snare her a husband. Nobody in Port Chuck deserves to be paired with her. Oh please Judy, think of something pleasant before I hurl all over my computer. I actually used to like Donna Pescow too.


THE I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE   -   Well it looks like somehow the Flea is going to be rescued. Since there's no rumor of Kristina Wagner leaving and we know my beloved Faison is leaving shortly I guess I'm going to have to deal with this. Bob, you sure you don't want to rewrite things? I'll promise to start pulling the pins out. No? Oh well, one can always hope can't one. Oh, the demise of "The Flea" would have been one of the best Christmas presents you could have given us. Guess you never want to be No. 1 in the ratings huh Bob?

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