The Good, Bad, and Ugly

June 28th 2002

This is the Good Stuff


" Ok, Carly and Sonnyís renewal vows. I think she looked gorgeous in that dress , very classy. Of course it goes without saying that Sonny looked as good as ever. Even though he has been acting like such an *ss he will always be a hottie. I know she really does love him and wants to make him happy and the ceremony was touching and very sincere on both their parts. I was going to say words donít come easy to Sonny but thatís not true. Words come easy to him itís expressing his true feelings that have ` always been hard for him and I loved what he said to Carly. Rick being back in town for Lauraís wedding. Wow, itís really cool seeing him again and it brings back a lot of good memories of GH for me. I also enjoyed the Monica/Rick reunion. It was fun seeing them together again. Of course itís always a kick to see Allan get knocked off his high horse, especially by an old nemesis. Canít wait to see the three of them together, just what GH needs.. some fireworks to get this show hot again. Gia, doing the right thing and honoring her contract. Good to see she is still her own person and hasnít turned into princess Nicholas. Ned and Alexis together again. Yeah I know I'm way ahead of myself, but it's going to happen guys so I'm just getting a head start. I love their scenes together; the concern in Ned's eyes for her is beautiful. He will honor her wishes to privacy and support her in whatever decisions she makes. I can so see these two as one some day, she is his future and he hers. Last but not least my outrageously funny and sweet Elton. He is the life of the party and he brings it all to GH. I LMAO every time he's on. Bob, glad to see you back, so don't let us down. Keep Elton and give him even more air time, it will be one of your better decisions.


This is the BAD Stuff


Carly pulling her same old garbage.. Itís bad enough she doesnít have enough faith in Sonny to know that if she is going to have a problem conceiving that she canít tell him. But thatís CarlyÖÖÖinsecure. But luckily for her or unluckily depending on how you look at it, she finds out Alexis is pregnant with Sonnyís child. What does she do? What any sane person would do of course, pay off a previous employer of Alexis to take her back and get her out of PC. As slick as Carly thinks she is, the ďdumb ass theoryĒ comes to mind. Doesnít she realize she is going to have to account for the $100,000.00 that she took from Club 101? What, sheís starting a college fund for Michael because she really doesnít want him to follow in Sonnyís footsteps. Thatís another thing, what reputable law firm would take a bribe from a mobsterís wife? Give me a break. This storyline is so lame, and Iím confident when Alexis starts thinking about it, or should I say analyzing it, she will realize who is behind this unbelievable offer. Mucho denaro, super flexible schedule, and more perks then a coffee pot, and last but not least itís in Manhattan. Who desperately wants me out of PC? Gotcha Carly! FIRESTARTERÖÖ..could it be? OK, here we go. LuLu alone in the attic, all of a sudden the fire explodes into flames after smoldering forever in a basket, Maxie is gone of course due to a case of raging hormones for C, and LuLu is left alone in the attic and whooooooooo will rescue her? Gee I donít know, do you think maybe Sara might just be wandering by, and see the fire and risk her life to save her loverís sister? Gee what was she doing in the area in the first place? Oh wow another advenhohummmmmmmmmmture with the Flea & Roy. Yeah itís just every day I open my closet and find a box with a million dollars hidden in the back that I just didnít know was there. Oh yeah better yet the $$ isnít stolen, or marked, or counterfeit. That means that someone just wanted to give it to me because Iím basically such a stand up guy. Yeah right. Yeah I know I have to talk about Slizzie getting kidnapped. Ok, I admit itís no fun being locked up in a mausoleum. But give me a break. How long are we going to be subjected to this? Now we have Zander who has been hurt for the gad zillionth time joining her. Jason was so right when he said that Zander is an idiot. I really hope the rumors are true about Kristina leaving. Talk about an insecure, clinging, obnoxious whiner. Not only is she calling her sister a liar by not believing her about Ned just supporting Alexis, she doesn't trust the man she claims to care sooo much about. She's an idiot and needs to pack her bags and go audition for "Passions" she'd fit right in there. While she's at it, she can take Sarah and Maxie with her. I'm holding off on Lizzie because if she gets hooked up with Jason there is hope for her yet. Hey, one can only hope.
This is the Ugly Stuff


Since it is only one of those horrible rumors that surface from time to time on soaps, I wonít dwell on it for more then a second. The alleged molestation of Laura by Rick. This is just so ludicrous it makes my skin crawl. Rick couldnít have been a more loving and caring stepfather. More so than many biological fathers. Weíve been subjected to a lot of garbage storylines recently at the reins of McHack, but this is beyond that. If TPTB does this, I will consider it a total lack of concern for the fans and an extreme lack of ethics. I know theyíre trying to draw ratings here but this would be crossing the line. I know this may sound a little heavy handed but itís the way I feel, so anyone out there that thinks that well, just deal with it. Lol, just kidding guys.


Well here I am again. Just when you all thought it was safe in the land of soaps. It's been a while but I'm reviving my "gbu"s" once again. I really do enjoy doing them but it's going to take me a while to get back on track. Consider the next couple ones trial runs. Hopefully they'll get a little better each time.
There's a quote from the site EYE ON SOAPS which I saw and it so says how I feel about doing these.
EYE ON SOAPS GOLDEN RULE: "If it's not fun, it doesn't get done".
So I hope you enjoy them and as always all comments good, bad or ugly are welcome. Did I say that?

Oh yes btw I want to credit "Eye on Soaps" for the transcripts that I usually have in my gbu's. As most of you know Tracey Warren who is an integral part of EOS does the transcripts there now. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to interject them in my reviews. So thanks once again to Tracey and EOS.


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