The Good, Bad, and Ugly

August 23th, 2002

This is the Good Stuff



Geez, two weeks in a row now that there really hasn’t been much of anything “good” Of course I imagine that is arguable as some of you out there will think that some of the scenes I comment on should be in the “good” and not the “bad” section. But that’s why I like doing these and getting your feedback.

I like the fact of course that Nik is sticking right by Lucky’s side and willing to help him all he can. That included stealing the key from the evidence bag and retrieving the skull from the locker where Rick had put it. Showing it to Alexis was a good move too, now Alexis knows that Scott and Rick were somehow involved in the “twenty year old attic cover-up”.

I did like the way Carly tried to explain to Michael why his friend’s mom came and got him and didn’t want him playing with Michael anymore. She was discreet and didn’t do a “Carly” and get in the woman’s face. I commend her for that. She also didn’t really put the woman down to Michael but just explained why she may not like Sonny.

“Ok, so your daddy has two businesses. One is casinos -- you know, it's where people -- they play those games and they try and win a lot of money. “Michael: “What's wrong with that?”

“Well, nothing's wrong with that, sweetheart, and nothing is wrong with your daddy's other business, either. You know how grownups like to drink coffee? Yeah. Well, coffee -- it doesn't come from this country. Coffee grows on a plant that grows in a country where it doesn't get cold in the winter, I think. Anyway, what your daddy does is he buys coffee from those countries, and the people -- they stick them on a ship and they ship them over here into the port Charles harbor. And then the people who work for your daddy -- they take it off the ship, they put it in the warehouse, and your daddy sells it to stores, a lot of stores.”

Michael: “And that makes daddy powerful? “

“Sweetheart, it's more than just what your daddy owns, ok? He's a very smart man and he's -- he's very good at getting people to do what he wants. And sometimes people get jealous because of it and they say bad things about him. “

Michael: “They're wrong. Daddy's good. He's the best dad in the world. “You know what? You are right about that. He is the best dad in the world. And you know what? He is the best husband, and no matter what anybody thinks, it is up to you and it's up to me to tell them that every chance we get. Ok? Ok. “

Ok now I know some of you Sonny haters out there are going to say “Yeah right let’s just justify everything Sonny does and have him coming out smelling like a rose to Michael.” Well maybe that’s true in a way but how do you explain to a what five year old that his daddy is really a bad guy that orders hits, threatens people and whatever else he does. Obviously Carly and Sonny are going to have some explaining to do as it is since Michael saw that tape. That should be interesting.

I was overwhelmed with BW’s performance when he was talking to Edward at his bedside and very impressed with AJ. And how he let grandfather know how he felt.

“I have spent my entire life trying to win your approval. It's been exhausting and it costs too much. Made me hate my brother. Made me an alcoholic. Ruined just about every relationship I’ve ever been in. Sent me down one self-destructive road after another. Bottom line -- looking for your approval made me hate you and myself. You were like an obsession, a habit. And you brought me nothing but heartache, misery, resentment, and hatred. You also brought me to where I am today. You brought me to my wife. You made me survive, grandfather. I wouldn't have ever been able to stand up to you if it weren't for that. I have you to thank for the one good thing I’ve ever had in my life “

It’s the best thing AJ could have said to Edward. So though it looks like he’s blaming his grandfather for his troubles he does say that if he hadn’t tried to be what Edward wanted to be he wouldn’t have done all the destructive things he’s done. So imo he is taking responsibility for some of his actions.

Alexis: All right. Well, then, you know what? Let's just talk about this. This is a photograph of you, I believe, several years ago with what appears to be blood on your shirt. Do you care to explain that?

Scotty, clearly rattled tries to explain away the stain saying it could be anything and it doesn’t prove a thing. But you can tell he’s getting worried. Of course the piece de resistance was when she confronted him with the skull that was in Rick’s locker. Lol I just loved the expression on Scott’s face. Like “Oh sh*t why didn’t’ t we get rid of that skull earlier, now Rick’s dead and I’m going to take all the flack for this” I just love it when Scotty messes up because lately he has been a really obnoxious *sshole. More so than normal. Scotty was never one of my favorite people as you might have surmised by now.


This is the BAD Stuff


Well on to the bad now, and once again there is a whole lot of bad this week.

Well to repeat what I said above it is really p*ssing me off the way Scott is going after Lucky. We all know why he’s doing it but it still amazes me that he would do this to Laura, his one time only love. I realize he is just trying to get Lucky to give up Luke who we know is Scott’s all time nemesis, but give me a break. He has crossed the line on this one. The last straw was bringing LuLu down to the station with the promise of Lucky’s release and hoping that LuLu would react just like she did and knowing it would upset Lucky just how it did. What an s.o.b.

You know I always knew that Slizzie was a little slow on the uptake and possibly like I said before maybe the paint fumes are getting to her but she is being relentless regarding Jason. She has no clue about how dangerous his lifestyle is no matter how many times he has to tell her. She has some real growing up to do. Like Jason told her:

“Sometimes I'm afraid that you'll just ride away again, no good-byes. I'll just hear about it from sonny. I'd miss you if you left. Would you miss me? “

Jason: “You know how I feel about you“.

“That's just it -- I don’t. I don't think you ever really told me. You've saved my life. You've taken me riding. You've helped me, you've -- you've listened, you've cared. And now you're pushing me away. Tell me why again. “

Jason: “Because it's too dangerous to be around me. “

“You keep saying that.”

Jason: “Elizabeth, it's the truth.”

“So that's it? You're dangerous -- end of story? “

Jason: “I can't listen whenever you need me. And I can't be around whenever you want and then gone when you -- when you don't. I can't be the friend you thought I was. “

I mean Cmon Liz, he couldn’t put it any simpler for you then that. The trouble with her is she still wants to play those little teenage games and Jason is way over being a teenager. I think if Liz would realize that and be able to deal and I mean really deal with what Jason does they could hook up but I feel she has do some changing and soul searching and decide if he’s worth it. I of course wouldn’t have had to think about it for a second but again that’s just me.

Well once again Zander has managed to get himself almost killed. What did I tell you guys last week? It seems he can’t go five minutes without being in the wrong place at the wrong time or with the wrong people. Now we’re going to have to deal with the fact that he doesn’t know who he is or anything. Of course this could be a plus since at least he won’t act like the old Zander. But really what was he thinking going on that yacht in the first place? Then acting so shocked when he realizes that Alcazar is going to eliminate him because he knows too much. Like I said before he needs to take a course in “gansta 101”

Well no matter how this goes down eventually AJ is going to find out about Courtney. Like I said before I don’t understand her reasoning. She doesn’t want her brother the mob boss to help her so she doesn’t have to keep stripping and she’s not wild about Jason being there as her personal body guard. She’s worried about AJ starting to drink again if he’s under too much pressure. What the hell does she think he’s going to do when he finds out his precious wife is taking off her clothes is a sleazy bar? Get a grip Courtney get off the pole and take Sonny’s help. Believe me you’re definitely not that good up there no matter how many extensions you put in your hair. Like someone pointed out earlier they realize that TPTB can’t have her getting too risqué up there and I guess that includes letting the guys put their own money in her outfit which is how it really goes. Not too many guys would give a hefty tip to a stripper by handing it to her. But I know there is a line and GH can’t cross it. This is why I hope they wind this part up soon and get her out of there and move on.


This is the Ugly Stuff


Well IMHO this whole Edward/Skye/Jax debacle is a real mess and it’s really p*ssing me off. First of all let’s get one the thing straight I am by no means a Skye fan. I am absolutely a RC fan and I think she is a very talented actress. But what she did to Jax was despicable and I don’t blame him for one moment for dumping her. It all boils down to her massive insecurities when it comes to people in general, and not just men either. But no matter how you slice it this does not give her the right to use this in trying to explain away to Jax as to why she teamed up with Edward, to try and destroy him and his family. She did this just because she thought he was cheating on her after Ed showed her a picture of this woman and him together. Also because Jax lied to her as to where he really was. Now if she had just confronted him in the beginning none of this would have happened. But as we know that would have been too simple and we all know soaps just love complications. Listening to her trying to explain to Jax as to why she did what she did was just so pitiful and yes just plain ugly.

“Jax, you lied to me, ok? I thought you were cheating on me, that you were saying you loved me and you were sleeping with somebody else, ok? Well, then when you came back and you explained to me who the woman was and you gave me the necklace, I realized that -- you know, what a mistake I made. Then you asked me to marry you? And then I realized that you meant it, that you really did love me, and I realized what a horrible mistake it was. And I tried to get out of the contract. I did. I begged Edward to rip it up, but he wouldn’t. He was determined to humiliate us both, to bankrupt you, and to destroy my happiness. I did. I begged him. I stalled him. I ran around town like a crazy woman, trying to get every copy of the contract that I could so you wouldn't find out. I even -- I even prayed that he would die so you wouldn't find out. Please, Jax, please. You have to believe me. I don't care about E.L.Q. I just -- I love you. You made me believe in your love. Please, please believe in mine. Wait -- Jax, wait. You just can't walk out. You have to tell me what you're thinking.

Jax: “I'm thinking why I should believe a word that comes

out of your mouth”.

Well that just about says it all. It’s hard to believe that she rationalizes that he should understand why she did it, because of her insecurities. The problem with all this is it just would never stop. No matter how much Jax would reassure her the next time she felt threatened she would probably react the same way and once again expect him to understand. This is no way to build a relationship, and Jax doesn’t want any part of it and I don’t blame him. As we saw Friday she is going to start drinking again. I know it’s supposed to make for a good storyline but I just wish TPTB didn’t feel they had to go down this road. It’s like she said to the bartender;

“I always want a drink. Martini, dry with a twist. Ooh, just makes my mouth water to think about it. You know what life is? One, long karmic joke. All those really great things you think you're going to get someday -- well, you know what? You don't get them. No, they just kind of disappear right in front of your eyes. Today I -- I started on high, ended at rock bottom. Grandfather would just love the symmetry of it all. Took everything away from me when I was born, and now he's taking it away from me again -- the only person that I’ve ever really loved. "A mistake." He called me "a mistake." Sure would buy a lot of martinis, though. But I haven't had one in years. Oh, what the hell. Here's to a

mistake making a mistake. It all fits. Keep them coming.”

There’s a small, very small part of me that does feel sorry for her. I really believe she loves Jax and in her own way feels she was justified in what she did. But once again she is blaming someone else for her screw-up. It’s like she’s saying I don’t have a mind of my own and I let Edward put all these thoughts into my head and I am just the innocent here. Well we all know she’s far from innocent. We have all seen her in action and know what kind of chaos and destruction she can cause. So I feel she got what she deserved and she will have to pay the consequences. I myself have serious doubt that she pulled the plug though. I tend to believe it might have been Edward trying to frame her for his attempted murder. Cmon we all know he’s not going anywhere. Also of course this was all done to lead up to the Jax/Carly reunion, which I would definitely like to see. IMHO these two belong together, they are like a song that hasn’t been completed and needs to be played.

Well that wraps it up again for this week. I hope you have enjoyed them and again any praise or criticisms are welcome. Of course the praise is preferable but I’m an equal opportunity reviewer and know that there’s always room for improvement.

CREDITS: Transcripts from TV Megasite. Thanks Suzanne and Amanda.

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