The Good, Bad, and Ugly

January 16th 2000



Well of course the best news of all "LUCKYíS ALIVE" of course we all knew this but we have all been waiting with baited breath for this story line to get started. Of course the only thing that is going to spoil it is the actor who is going to replace him. We must resign ourselves to the fact that Guza has done it to us once again. I guess thereís a 99.9% chance that it is going to be Jacob Young. In the back of my mind I keep hoping that this is a ploy to throw us all off and at the last minute Jonathan Jackson will appear before our eyes. Yeah yeah I know Iím living in a dream world but wouldnít it be just awesome??? I loved the expression on Lukeís face when Faison shouted that out to him, once again proving what an excellent actor Geary really is.

Best actor of the week? In my humble opinion that would have to go to Steve Burton. Every one of Jasonís scenes this week were fantastic. From his scene with Hannah when he told her she didnít matter to Sonny anymore to his emotional goodbyes to the ones he really loves. When he was saying goodbye to Monica I was crying right along with her. I will always remember the look on his face when he watched Michael from the terrace, the pain in his eyes said it all. I am going to miss Burton very much but with all his talent, I donít doubt heís going to go places. See Bob you keep letting the good ones get away. But donít let me get started on that one.

"FAISON ESCAPES" Of course he escapes and heís alive and well and living in the lap of luxury somewhere smoking an imported stogie and laughing at the Port Chuck inept police dept. Of course, Guza youíve proved my point again, but at least you had the sense enough to leave the door open for him to come back that is if Anders Hove would even want to after the way you have treated him. But what else can we expect from you? I did enjoy watching Luke thwart Macís attempt to shoot him, anyone who can p*ss Mac off deserves a gold star from me.



Carlyís scenes at the party were good up to the part where she came on to Edward. I think she just might have pushed the envelope a little too far as they say. She sure has given AJ some ammunition, she just keeps shooting herself in the foot doesnít she? No pun intended there.

Hannah the bananaís constant stalking of Sonny. First the visit to Liz and the feeble attempt to assure her that she didnít betray Sonny as Tammy believes uhhh duhh,

" WELL, I LIED TO HIM, WHICH WAS PRETTY BAD, BUT I NEVER STOPPED LOVING HIM." Hmmmm, lie to someone, try to get them thrown in jail, and then not tell them the truth when you had the chance? Nawwwww thatís not betrayal. Give me a break. Then there was the visit to Jasonís, againÖÖÖ. Trying to plead her case, : "WOULD YOU PLEASE MAKE SONNY BELIEVE THAT I LOVE HIM?"

Give it a rest Hannah, itís over. Do you know the meaning of the word "OVER"?

I was really hoping Bob, that we were going to have less and less scenes with Hannah like maybe adding up to zero, like maybe she would leave Port Chuck. But nooooooooooooooo, now it looks like maybe Hannah is going to turn out to be Royís daughter? Oh geez Guza why do you continue to keep people around we donít want and send the ones that should stay packing? Has the California sun fried your brain that much?

Bobbie, listen to what Roy is telling you. Stay out of his business. This constant hovering over him is disgusting, and he doesnít need it. Boy, didnít take you long to get over Jerry did it? You remember the Aussie that you were about to marry and share the rest of your life with? I know that it isnít your fault that heís gone but you could pretend that you still care a little instead of panting over your long lost love so soon. Oh never mind weíre talking about Boobie here.

L L L L L L L L L L L L L This gives you some idea Bob about how I feel regarding what you did to Faison. You had in your midst one of the best villains of all times on daytime tv and you blew it. How can one man wreak such havoc on one show? How can you sleep at night? I will never forgive you for letting a great actor like Anders get away. You better find some garlic and hang it on your door, you know there may be a certain vampire out there who has an agenda of his own for getting back at you for what you did to him.



THE UGLY: Oh Bob, Bob, Bob, are you never going to learn anything?

Déjà vu must be one of your favorite words. Again it appears we're going to have to endure yet another "Hi Iím Carly, and yes it seems Iím pregnant againÖÖÖ.. and yes again itís not my husbandís, and yes Iím going to try and pass it off as my husbandís because yes, once more I didnít use any protection and of course the babyís father is someone I have no feelings for whatsoever." That about sums it up? I suppose with the help of your other writers and believe me you definitely are going to need help with this one, you might be able to turn this around some how and make it into a half way decent story line. You are definitely going to need the writing talent of Michelle Val Jean to get you thru this. So please Bob, let her do this I implore you!

Once again I say thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever invented the "ff" button on my remote. These nauseating scenes between Jax and Chloe really test someoneís endurance. Guza, why do you feel you have to trash the memories of Jax and Brenda by reliving them with this blonde twit. The dancing in the rain scene was bad enough but this latest with the smores is inexcusable. Jax knew Brenda, I knew Brenda, and all the viewers of GH knew Brenda, and believe me Chloe youíre no Brenda. So why donít you do all of us a favor and skip faraway and find some remote corner of the world that you can make smile. I understand Greenland isnít too crowded. Maybe they never heard of smores over there. Byeeeeeeeeeeee. Arenít you gone yet? You have a real thing for airheads donít ya Bob? I mean one designated air head per show is all we should have to put up with. Unfortunately we know weíre stuck with her, grimaces, whining, flailing about and all around irritating manner, donít think I even have to say her name do I?



Well I guess it was inevitable, Hannah is going to turn out to be Royís daughter right Bob?
I guess it makes more sense then it being Carly. After all, it would seem strange that Roy would know sheís his daughter and Boobie wouldnít . That would be kind of a stretch even for you Guza. I suppose things could get interesting if Boobie and Roy would get together and eventually get married, lol. That would make Carly and Hannah sort of half sisters. Oh I can see the fireworks now. Talk about Karma. Well, guess weíll just have to wait and see right Bob?

Well, thatís it for another week guys, hope you enjoy these.


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