The Good, Bad, and Ugly


This is the Good Stuff


Well it would appear that Lucky and Liz are finally working their way back to one another. Being the big person that I am I am willing to admit that I have finally warmed up to Jacob., and heís definitely easy on the eyes. I really enjoyed their scenes on Friday especially when he said to her ď"I love you, Elizabeth. I never stopped." Of course they still have to deal with Helena, but at least now Lucky is beginning to see Helena for who she really is.

Well letís see what else good happened this week. Well I suppose, Luke finally agreeing to letting Scott represent him is a good thing. To be perfectly honest I think Luke has been acting like a real ass lately. I know he doesnít feel he has any reason to trust Scott, but first of all Scott would never throw a case and hurt his career. Secondly, he still cares for Laura a great deal and that is the main reason he agreed to become Lukeís lawyer. So if Luke has any brains left in that melon head of his heíll stop his whining and let Scott do his job. .

I must admit I am getting a kick out of the scenes between Zander/Xander & Emily. I mean if you have to get yourself kidnapped and held hostage it might as well be someone like him. Aside from missing her family Em seems to be having kind of a good time. Sheís had more then one chance to escape and she chooses to stay with him. Of course I just loved it when they told Juan that Em acted like Zander was her boyfriend. What did he say? Something about it couldnít have been Emily must have been somebody else. Yeah right Juan, somebody else that looks like Emily being held hostage by somebody that looks like Zander. Geezz what a jerk! No wonder she chooses to stay with Zander.

Taggert giving Hannah an ultimatum regarding AJ. Now granted Taggert is not one of my favorite people but he has a right to know where he stands with the banana. This AJ and I are just friends and he needs my help garbage is exactly what it is, garbage. So good for you Marcus, looks like you and Sonny have more in common then you think. Getting rid of spoiled fruit.


This is the BAD Stuff


Mac insisting that the Flea go and see Luke and set things straight once and for all. Of course once again Flea proved where her loyalties lie. What did she say to Luke? I just couldnít stay away. What a joke this is. I am willing to bet there is going to be one of those ďat the last minute, Flea breaks down on the stand, confesses to being with Luke the night that Stefan disappeared and once again Mac will have to pull the knife out of his back. Sound about right?

Lucas: "Why do you keep dating guys who get in trouble?" Out of the mouths of babes...............So who is the child here Lucas or Boobie? I really would like to see Tony give her an ultimatum regarding Lucas. I mean first it was count Lad., who Boobie married, moving into the castle on Spook Island and letting Lucas get close to him. Then of course he dumped her and she hooked up with Jerry, the bad brother of the Jax family. Well we all know how that ended and not before poor Lucas had gotten really attached to him. Now here we are again with Roy, someone who already has been busted and been in prison. I like Roy and I really feel he could do better the Boobie, come to think about it so could Lucas. Unfortunately heís stuck with her Roy still has a chance to get away.

Well I know this is just a temporary state of insanity that Sonny is going thru right now. He was deeply hurt by what Mike did and he brought back a lot of bad memories. Of course seeing Carly hugging Jason didnít help. Talk about ironic thatís usually Carly's way: jumping to conclusions. I really believe that she is good for Sonny and it might take a while but I think heíll remember it too. ď Sonny: You do plenty for me. No, I don't mean just,

you know, cooking dinner, making sure my laundry's clean. I mean, like, you make an ordinary day into something special. Like tonight, you know? You never know what's going to happen when you're around. I kind of like that.Ē She loves him and eventually he and his hard head and good heart will come to realize that.

This is the Ugly Stuff


Well things are just going from bad to worse with this faux kidnapping plot of Stefanís. Now we have him plotting a pretend escape where they almost get away, but of course they canít because he canít escape from himself. But he has to make it look real until he can get info out her regarding Helena and what sheís plotting but of course all this is subject to change because he is falling in love with her, which of course he doesnít know yet. Of course Chloe being the twit that she is, is totally unaware of any of this because she believes they have both been kidnapped by Helena and she is going to save them both by getting inside Helenaís head. Course when she does get inside Helenaís head (which is scary in itself) she is going to find out Helena doesnít even know that sheís been kidnapped and then she might and I say might realize that Stefan is the real kidnapper but that probably woní t be till after she falls in love with him, but by then it wonít matter because he makes her happy and heís gotten her to fall out of love with whatís his name who was never in love with her to begin with because heís still in love with somebody who might be dead. Well have I cleared that up for everyone? Well donít get used to it because November sweeps are just around the corner and everything is up for grabs. Or as a very dear close friend of mine likes to say; ďEverything is going to hell in a hand basketĒ.

This is the I don't know about


Well I donít know how I feel about this up and coming trial. Iím sure things between Luke and Scott will be heating up and they will probably will be at each otherís throats constantly. Every other day Luke will be firing Scott and the alternate days Scott will be quitting. Only Alexis and Laura will keep things going. Of course with November sweeps coming up you can count on the trial to last at least that long. So all we can do is just hang in there.

Well guys thatís it for this week guys so until next week take care and remember all comments are welcome. :-)

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