The Good, Bad, and Ugly

October 14, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


Well I guess we are all relieved that Emily is back home and that she and Juan were reunited, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ok it’s good that she is safe and back with her family. Yes that sounds better to me, without Juan in the picture. I think it’s headed that way and I myself can’t wait. Seeing Zander/Xander on Friday gave me hope, he sure could give Juan a run for his money, come to think of it just about anyone could do that.

Lucky:” I can't picture you locked up. It's not a good feeling

I want you to be free. Whatever happens, dad, I love you".

Was that not a great scene or what? It’s about time the writers have decided to bring them back together. I don’t know if you had anything to do with this Bob, but if you did I applaud you wherever you are.

Nicholas threatening Helena is that not cool or what? “You ought to know. You're the one that brainwashed him. You'd force him to give up Elizabeth if you thought it would win points with me.

Major miscalculation, grandmother. Huge. And it's going to cost you. When I turn 25 and take my place as the head of the Cassadine estate, I will assure you that I will see to it that you are stripped of all your money and power.” It doesn’t seem that long ago that I didn’t care for the “NuNik” as we called him, but he has made the role his own and I don’t “ff” him anymore.

I normally don’t like “this is not real but a figment of your imagination type scene” , but I got a real kick out of it when Ajerk appeared to Neddlesom saying that this up and coming marriage will crash and burn just like the other five or was it six? Whatever. Billy can really be funny and he has been awesome lately. “You see, once you turn your girlfriends into your wives, you have no place to hide. They're stuck with you. No escape. And soon -- very soon --they realize, well, how charming you aren't.” I really do agree with him here, Alexis could do a whole lot better, like somebody with a personality. Unfortunately other then Sonny & Roy there aren’t any in Port Chuck at the moment, and no Olive, Sonny isn’t available. I’m not sure how Roy and Alexis would work, but anything to get Boobie out of the picture sounds good to me. Anybody out there have any prospects for Alexis?

Finally one of the funnier lines of the week and one which I agree with............”Can't he tell the difference between the real thing and a bunch of spoiled little white kids from the suburbs who know more about hair mousse than music?” I know I’m going to get flamed for this one, but as Bob Seger said just give me some of that old time rock and roll. I also like the blues, so sling those arrows people I can take it. ;-)

Things are just getting better and better between Sonny and Carly and I for one am just loving it. She told him she knew he was in pain, and if he needed her she was there but she didn't push. Miracles of miracles he told her wait, don’t go. Music to her ears. Bernard proved once again what an awesome actor he really is. He has all these feelings deep inside and he’s finally starting to be able to talk about them. “Ever since I was little, I needed Mike too much. Now I don't need him enough. I can't make it work. I don't know how. I make Mike angry, he leaves.

I got to tell you something, though -- I was never bad enough for him to hit me before.” I liked that Carly didn’t say a word she just held him, and that’s what he needed.

This is the BAD Stuff


Once again the Flea has lived up to all our expectations. Being sad for all of five minutes she shows up at Luke’s and starts that disgusting flirting and before we know it she’s dancing (if you want to call it that) her woes away. I might have to get a new remote if they are even thinking of pairing these two up. As my dear friend Olive says
“Number 10 on the Yuck oh Rama wheel” or something like that. Might not be her exact words but you get the idea.

What is up with Laura? Getting her knickers in a twist over Flea’s testimony and then later on seeing them at the club together? “Excuse me. Hate to interrupt your little party over there, but I'd like some service over here.” I mean has she forgotten that she slept with Stefan? Hmmmmmm well maybe romantic interludes with Vlad are forgettable. I guess I can understand somewhat, but get over it Laura, and get on with your life. By the way glad to hear from you Vanessa, it’s good to know there’s at least one person out there that has the same opinion I do. Hmmm how about a Mac and Laura pairing? What do you guys think of that?

Like I said for the most part I don’t care for “it’s only your imagination type scenes” and the one between Helena and Alexis was one of them. Maybe if she had gotten in Helena’s face Helena I would have liked it. But Helena’s predictions as a future Q, just turned Alexis into a woos. The best comeback she had was “I won’t change my name” ? I was rooting for her to strangle the old bat with the pearls or pour the bourbon on her head, anything to make Alexis feel better even if it was imaginary.

This is the Ugly Stuff


Repetitious tho it may be this Stefan/Chloe debacle is just going from bad to worse. It was bad enough he convinced her they’ve been kidnapped by Helena, then he withholds her meds so he can see inside Helena’s head too, then he plans an escape for the both of them that he knows will be thwarted, now he makes sure she sees a picture of Brenda in a fashion magazine only confirming in her mind that Jax is not coming back to her.

I wish she would find out the truth about Vlad pretend to fall in love with him, get him to fall in love with her, which shouldn’t be too difficult. She’s a blonde isn’t she? Do a real number on him. I know this is highly unlikely because it’s a little too complicated for her but it would be cool because revenge can be sweet. But there might be a light at the end of this Cassadine tunnel. Stefan does seem to be genuinely concerned about Nicholas going up against Helena and may return to Port Chuckles like Phoenix rising from the ashes. Funny though Nik might want to burn his uncle’s ass when he finds out he’s been alive all this time and couldn’t even confide in his own nephew. But as far as I’m concerned the count deserves anything he gets.

This is the I don't know about


I really don’t think I want to see Alexis marry Nedley. He‘s just soooooooo boring. Maybe they could bring someone back to Port Chuck for her. Hmmm maybe Faison? The two of them could team up and bring Helena to her knees. Wouldn’t it be just great to see him again? We really do need a great villain right about now. He could program the Flea into believing she’s Kat and get her to walk that parapet. I know you’ve all heard this one before. I just want Faison back, he’s soooooooooo good at being bad.

Well that’s it for this week guys, hope you enjoy and see you next week.

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