The Good, Bad, and Ugly

February 11th, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


Sorry to say this is going to be a rather short section this week. Because IMO nothing all that good happened this week. Actually it was kind of a snoozeeeeeeeeee week and my
“ff” button got quite a workout.

Of course any scenes between Sonny and Jason are great. It’s so great that none of that Carly mess affected their friendship they seem tighter then ever.

I enjoyed the banter between Lucky and Gia at the photo shoot. He seemed to know just what to say to get Gia going. “You're on a distant shore, far, far away. Gia: I bet you'd like that. Lucky: Actually, you're watching a raft drift out to sea. Gia: You on it?

Lucky: No. Helena's on it. Gia: That could work. Lucky: And Stefan.

Gia: Tied on? Lucky: Really tight .Gia: Chained on? Lucky: Oh, there's no escape, and they're drifting. Gia: And choking on seawater? Lucky: Choking and drifting, yes. Gia: And sunburn -especially granny. Lucky: Oh, they're howling from sunburn.

Gia: Hmm. Howling's good.” Etc, etc. Now that’s what I call decent writing.

Well it looks like Jason and Liz are getting closer every day. I myself would like to see them get together. I think it would be a terrific match. It’s obvious Jason has feelings for her, and by the way she got uncomfortable when they talked about their feelings they had before the feeling is mutual. Maybe if they get together we’ll get our old Liz back because right now she is being a real pain in the ass. When she started whining about Lucky taking pics of Gia I like the way he hinted maybe she is just worried that Gia could win. Also she realized she had no right being angry with him because he didn’t tell her about the shoot when she is keeping a even bigger secret from him. IMO this is what is going to lead to a huge rift between them when he finds out. His ego won’t be able to take it. Okay I’m ducking down so all you L&L lovers can sling those arrows. :-)

I really like the camaraderie between Sonny and Alexis. She is funny when she starts getting really neurotic and hyperventilating.

Going on and on about Ned. “Alexis: He doesn't like me anymore.

He used to. He doesn't accept me anymore, either, and he used to.

I mean, you accept Carly, no matter how intolerable and selfish she is.” But she has issues to deal with and this just might keep them apart for good. “Alexis: I got used to loving Ned. I think that's the problem. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. That's the real problem. I've just described myself as fuzzy.” Even though I like Nexis, I might have to admit it’s not going to be. Actually a Sonxis pairing as suggested by some might work . Okay okay I’m ducking again from all you Carly/Sonny lovers out there. Yes, Olive I know I am shocking myself. My friend Olive, is a definite Sonny/Carly hater from the get go. She would join your fan club in a hot second Tracey. LOL.

I guess it is good that the fleabag told Mac that she is going to be seeing Luke.......icky, yuck, yuck. But I digress. I liked when Mac told her........”Mac: He's going to hurt you, Felicia. It's only a question of degree. I hope you can deal.” What an ass she is for giving him up. I mean I love Luke but he’s not for her, are you listening Jill????????

Finally, Roy busting Boobie. I just loved it. I have never seen him so angry. “Roy: I can't believe you did this.: I asked you to stay away Boobie: I went -- I went to see her.

Roy: No, no, no, no, no. Tell me you didn't do that.

Boobie: But it was ok. Roy: It was not ok --It was not even close

to being ok Boobie:. And she was so easy about it the first time we talked. Roy: You figured you'd just rip into her again. Sure, why not?” I’m so glad he went to Chicago to see Melissa. Now lets really stir things up and have him bring her back with him or convince her to move to PC. But please Jill, fix your blunder and get Jensen back. This one’s just not making it. Nooooooo I don’t want to give her a chance to prove herself I want Jensen!!!!

This is the BAD Stuff


Well nothing good is going to come of Liz not telling Lucky about Jason. Now don’t get me wrong I understand why Jason told her she can’t and I do admire her for doing this for Jason. Yes, yes I said admire. She does love Lucky and it’s got to be hard for her to deceive him like this. But of course Jason is right Lucky would just screw things up if he knew. I do think that Liz overreacted when he didn't tell her about taking Gia’s pics. Yeah he should have mentioned it but I don’t think he needed to ask her permission. Then she had to go to Jason and whine about it.
“ Elizabeth: Gia -- gia is nonstop attitude and snide

remarks. Oh and everything that comes out of Liz’s mouth lately is Sugar and spice? “She bugged me before, but now that we're competing against each other, she’s driving me up the wall.” Oh poor baby maybe Gia should just quit and let Liz win something that she doesn’t really want anyhow. Geez what a brat she is right now. Yes, the more I think about it the more I think she needs to get with Jason and he’ll straighten her ass out. I mean I know he’s got to get over the “wind thing and all” but she definitely would get a reality check from him.

Nik getting pissed because Gia lied to him about the shoot, Gia lying to Nik about the shoot, Laura tearing into Carly about taking the pics behind her back (like she never did that to Carly), and Carly pulling her same old sh*t and running and whining to Sonny. I will be sooooooo glad when this storyline is over this whole scenario is asinine.

While I’m on the subject, excuse me for a moment. “What is up with you Sonny? Siding with Carly and saying “Then she's going to have a fight on her hands. What, you don't seriously think

I'd side with anybody against my wife?” Are you nuts? Yes you need to let Carly handle this on her own and stay out of it. Go tend to your coffee beans and let Carly handle Laura we all know she can. Ok I’m back, I certainly hope he heard me. Or should I say Jill heard me.

This is the Ugly Stuff


Without a doubt Fleabag and Luke’s evening together. Give me a break.
“You know, I --I thought about you a lot while you were gone and I know that I don't have

to do that anymore, and I just wanted to let you know.” Well she got part of that right she doesn’t have to think about him anymore or go near him anymore. Please Jill don’t go there with this. I really hate “ff” any scenes with Luke but as long as the flea is in them I have no choice. Please Jill give me a choice. I suppose a Luke and Laura reuniting is too much to hope for. But I’ll keep hoping stranger things have been known to happen. Oh and while I’m at it why don’t you think about bringing my man, Faison back. Give the best villain in daytime a great storyline and you will have my admiration forever. Well for a long long time anyhow.

This is the I don't know about I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE
I’m still not sure how I feel about the Nexis breakup. I guess it’s for the best but it is kind of sad in a way. I am a Sonny/Carly fan, but............. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind if they paired Alexis up with him. Yes, Olive I know that makes you :-). They do have chemistry, she makes him laugh and she’d definitely stay out of his kitchen.

Oh one last thing. “Hey Chloe ever thing about becoming a on the road clothes designer? You could join Juan’s concert tour. All those pretty lights and happy fans you’d be right at home. Especially after your terrible ordeal with Stefan, you need a nice long vacation. :-)


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