The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Feburary 6th

This is the Good Stuff

THE GOOD: Well we’re finally getting to the story line we’ve all been waiting for with baited breath. Lucky’s return! This is the good part. Unfortunately due to a certain asinine writer (which I won’t mention at this time) our beloved JJ is not returning in this role. I’m going to try and keep an open mind about all this and maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. Yeah yeah I know it’s a long shot.
Kudos to the nurse at the clinic that wouldn’t let Boobie (“LOOK, MY NAME IS BARBARA SPENCER. I AM THE SENIOR SURGICAL NURSE AT GENERAL HOSPITAL”.) in to see Carly. She is really starting to get on my last nerve with this bullying tactic of hers. What’s next Boobie? Next time you want something… a promise of a free roll in the hay? I’ll give you this Guza; you sure have a talent for turning half way decent characters into real jerks.
I liked watching the scenes with Sonny, Michael, & LuLu again. It shows his sensitive side and that he really could be a good father, if things were different. His whole face just lights up when he sees Michael & LuLu.
I can’t believe the restraint Roy had when Sonny was trashing Hannah. Now I haven’t changed my opinion of her at all, but she is his daughter and any other father would have been all over Sonny for that. Once again proving what a really terrific actor A. is. Well, looks like the tables are being turned on Carly finally. AJ is actually one step ahead of her. Course he has the wrong father but at least he’s hip to her. I actually felt myself feeling sorry for him. Yikes! I can’t believe I just said that.
Lizzie telling NuNik off again…… Are you ever going to get this Nik? She wants to live her own life; she just wants to be your friend. What part of this don’t you understand? You’re becoming the male version of the flea, irritating, and making those stupid faces. Have you been taking advice from Bob? Pleaseeeee don’t.


This is the BAD Stuff

THE BAD: Hmmm where do I begin? Hello??? You’ve outdone yourself this past week Bob. First of all, that disgusting reunion between Luke and the flea. What was that all about? Her jumping him and wrapping her legs around him and saying “ I AM WAY TOO HAPPY” Excuse me, Remember Mac, your husband? I’m sure he would have understood if he had walked in at that moment…. Not. Once again we are going to be subjected to watching this whining, no control over her facial muscles, bimbo tag along on another adventure. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!! If anyone should be going with Luke it should be Laura. Or at the least he should have told her about Lucky. Luke underestimates Laura. I think she can handle it and what’s more I feel she has the right to know. But noooooo, once again Guza you feel you have to put your “obsession” in the spotlight once again. So once again this brainless twit is running off leaving her “Oh I miss my girls so much” and Mac to play with Luke in Greece. Now I am starting to feel sorry for Mac. The look in his eyes when she was lying to him was pitiful. If I didn’t like Luke so much and a few other characters on the show I’d be switching to Guiding Light.. I can’t even talk about the “Lucky situation” right now. I am so disgusted with you Guza. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear you were secretly working for another network. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! Lay off the Prozac. It’s turning your brain to mush.
If that wasn’t bad enough, now we have to watch Jax fawning all over the other blonde twit who can’t see. Chloe depressed? This is going to be a real acting challenge for Tava.
Hey Boobie, ever hear the word confidentiality? That means when someone, especially your daughter confides in you, you’re not to blab to anyone, including former lovers. Telling Roy that Carly is pregnant by Sonny, not a good idea. The old Bobbie would never have done that. Well we’ll just add her to Bob’s casualty list. You know the one where you ruin a perfectly good character and turn him or her into an idiot?


This is the Ugly Stuff

When is she going to get the message? This is getting really tiresome already. I don’t blame Sonny for getting aggravated with her. She is becoming a real pest. What are we doing here Bob? A reenactment of “Fatal Attraction?” What is so hard for her to understand about the words “ HOW MANY TIMES DO I GOT TO TELL YOU -- JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME, THAT'S ALL.” Flea deserves two categories this week. Bad & ugly. Her treatment of Mac and the girls, who she says she loves so much is abominable. How she can look Mac in the eyes and lie to his face is unbelievable. The old Felicia would never have done such a thing. Hmmmm another one to add to your list, right Bob? Can’t wait to see what the ratings will be a month or so from now. Although, ratings drop = head writer gets canned. One can only hope.


This is the I don't know about

I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE: I think we are beginning to see the faze out of Laura and Vlad. One can only hope. Now that he knows that Lucky is alive, he should come back to Port Chuck and tell her. But of course he’s not going to, and she is probably going to find out that he knew and didn’t tell her. We all know how she feels about deception, except when it’s her doing the deceiving. But I won’t go there. If this could result in a Laura & Luke reunion, I would be ecstatic. I do know that if Luke and the flea get together even for a short period of time Guiding Light will definitely gain a new viewer. The thought of those two getting it on will make me turn my TV off.
Well that’s it for this week. Till next week take care all.





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