The Good, Bad, and Ugly

June 29th, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


Well in my humble opinion, Zanderís love for Em just shone thru once more this week. I firmly believe if a tornado ripped thru GH and when the rubble cleared Zander would be sitting right by Emís side. He truly loves her and will do anything to protect her. But what I really enjoyed was Ned taking his side and standing up for him to Allan, Monica & AJ

Ned: ďSo all harassment of Zander stops right now and doesn't resume until Emily has recovered. Zander stays in that room. End of discussionĒ

He knows what itís like to truly love someone and want to protect them, and if he forgot for a moment Zander was quick to remind him.

ďZander: Look, man, I've tried it everybody else's way -- sonny's, Alexis', your familyís. This time I'm going on my own instincts. I'm going to take care of this myself. I'm going to make sure nothing happens Ned, if that was Alexis what would you do?
Ned: I would do everything I possibly could to save her. Zander: That's why I'm not leaving. ď

Hey could Vlad really be changing for the good? It sure looks that way. At first when he approached Chloe about turning his life around I thought it was just a way to get back into her good graces. But I really think he wants to change. ď

I was raised by a mother who scorned me every day of my life no matter what I did. Helena loathes me with an intensity matched only by her adoration of my brother, Stavros. I tried everything I could to win her affection, but to no avail. Finally, out of self-preservation, I hardened my heart. That is what has cost me everything I've held dear. ď

I like that heís making an effort with Nik and Gia.. What I really would like to see is have him join forces with Nik and Luke against Hells and Stavcicle. Now that would be a kick *ss storyline. From what I witnessed Friday it might just very well happen. I said before I love any scenes with Luke & Stefan they are great together and add Nik to the mix and you have a slightly off the wall version of the Three Musketeers. Oh actually I guess it would have to be the Four Musketeers, if we include Roy.

Of course it goes without saying I loved the scene in the hospital when Zander was trying to calm Em down by reminding her of prom night and when they danced. She got so into it that her foot moved. Now I donít know if that was just one of those psychological reflex kind of things or what but it was great to see Em smile. I guess only time will tell how this will work out. We have to remember whoís still in charge. I say still because I have hope that may change in the near future. Wouldnít that be something to really smile about? :-)


This is the BAD Stuff


Oh this is going to be a very long rant. Before I go any further let me start by saying that Jilly and Angelporn are tied for #1 on my black list. I donít know who I am more p*ssed off at. Jilly for being responsible for writing such garbage or AP for being anywhere near Sonny with her white self (which of course wasnít too white on Friday ha ha ha) and acting like the virgin/back to nature, I know all the birds, flowers & bugs on this island/non-veggie cutter/annoying b*tch. Everything she says to him makes me want to hurl.
ď Angel: I try not to think about my old life too much. But sometimes, when you least expect it, the memories come back. Trying to push them away is about as futile as holding my hands up to stop a wave.Ē
Well then put your damn hands down and let the wave drown your ass.

Angel: Yeah, we've established who you are. Ok, we're talking about what you want to do. Sonny: Well, what do you want me to do? Angel: I want you to stay.
Well we donít want him to stay and we want you gone. You understand that word donít ya Angel? Gone, kaput, depart, leave, in other words take your white self and get the hell out of Port Charles and leave Sonny alone . ď
Angel: You're a real wise guy, you know thatĒ
Was that your attempt at a little humor? Well thatís what it was a little, very little. Donít quit your day job. On second thought, yeah quit your day job and make everyone smile again.ď

I'm going to go check on the plum tree, make sure the lightning didn't strike it. Oh, my gosh. I wish you could see it in the spring. When the leaves fall, it looks like snow. When I was a child, that's how I imagined heaven.Ē
Oh good grief. What a crock of sh*t. Now granted I donít know anything about plum trees but as far as I know there is not one tree that sheds itís leaves in the spring. Whatís up with that? Imagine heaven, Angelporn, 'cause youíre never going there. I have a different place in mind where I want to tell you where to go. Bet even you can guess where that is.

This whole idea of Melissa teaming up with Roy, Luke and now probably Nik is ludicrous. Now I still would rather have her with Roy then Boobie. Thatís fine. But thatís the extent of it. All of a sudden she thinks she super sleuth and sheís going to battle the Cassadines without nary a trepidation. Yeah sheís starting out really well. She gets stuck in a elevator and she goes in to near hysterics. Yeah she is going to be a worthy adversary all right. Geezzzzz.

This will only take a few minutes. Boobie needs to back off and stay out of Carlyís life if she canít be a positive influence. Telling her to file for divorce and get on with her life. You know Boobie some people actually try to work on their marriages and relationships and donít leave their partner at a drop of a hat. Have you looked around lately, youíre in serious trouble. I donít think there are any more men in Port Charles for you to get with and then desert when things get a little rough. Hmmm, maybe now you can devote some of your time to your son. You do remember Lucas donít you?

Now originally I had planned on putting this in the good section. When Carly first approached nature girl she was in her infamous ďCarlybitchmodeĒ and thatís the Carly I like.

ďAngel: Do you always barge into strangers' houses? Carly: You always plow into strangers' bumpers? Angel: This is something for our insurance companies to handle. Carly: You know what this is looking like to me? A scam. And if it isn't, then we can settle it right here. Like you said, it's just a little fender-bender. Any idea how much your fender costs?Ē
Now thatís the Carly we know and appreciate. But then she goes and does a 180 degree turn around and starts to confide in AP about her missing husband and how much she loves him and on and on. Our old Carly would never have bonded with a stranger especially not another woman. Cripes before she was done I thought she was going to give AP a hug. There is nothing ďgoodĒ about this at all, other then the fact that Sonny heard her and I know it got to him. Unfortunately it might not be enough to go back to her. Itís not just her betrayal itís his feelings of guilt about what he is all about. ď
Sonny: When I made Carly my wife, I thought marriage and god would protect both of us somehow. I guess it was too much to expect, you see, because it's impossible for any woman to accept what I do. In the end, how I live destroys the people around me.Ē

This is the Ugly Stuff


This rant will be brief. Under no circumstances, beyond a shadow of a doubt, no matter how you write it do I want to see Laura and Scott in anyway, shape or form romantically involved! There is no chemistry there at all, imho. Needless to say I "ff" thru the LA scene and plan on doing the same thing on Monday or whenever they are on . I'm really hoping Laura can't go thru with this seduction that we all know Scott has planned. But if she does I will grit my teeth and grin and bear it and "FF' the whole disgusting episode. Oh and Jilly you will, be #1 on the black list but I'm sure you've made that list many times before, right?

This is the I don't know about


Iím still not sure about this whole Stavcicle/Iím going to destroy all the Spencers/except for my one true love, Laura/including my brother and his paramour Chloe/even mommie dearest if she gets in my way/ to rule the world storyline. I am enjoying watching RKK because he is such a babe if he could just tone down the grinning a little. This could be a great plot with Luke, Roy, (minus Melissa of course) Nik and Stefan which would be the icing on the cake going up against Hells and Stavros. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately we all know who is currently running things so far. But just remember Jilly even Disney can get p*ssed off, and ratings are everything. Letís see where are we now in fifth or sixth place? and before you got here I believe we were in third place. Even I can do the math on that one.

Till next time I hope everyone has a great week and that all of you have enjoyed at least some of the above. :-)

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