The Good, Bad, and Ugly

July 20th, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


Well once again I will probably be ducking the slings and arrows from many of you out there that don't want  Sonny and Carly back together. But I'm sorry I know he still loves her. I mean cmon not everyone is going to strap a bomb to their body to rescue someone.  Of course there is no doubt that she is so in love with him. I mean can you blame the girl? I just look into those gorgeous eyes of his and just melt. Like the saying goes "Me thinks thou doth protest too much" Sonny you are protesting way too much. All we had to do was look in his eyes when she fainted and the concern and love was written all over his face. It will happen and only with Carly. There will never be a Sexis or a Songel or anyone else. That's that and I'm not discussing it any further. 

Also someone needs to tell Sonny what Carly really did to protect Zander and Alexis. Like maybe Alexis. I was surprised Alexis hadn't said anything to Sonny but I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt at this point and know she will tell him. Alexis is a very honorable person and I know she really knows what Carly did was above and beyond the call of duty. Also I think someone should let Sonny know what Sorel did to Carly, nothing like a p*ssed off Sonny at Sorel to makes things even more interesting. 

Kudos to Alan and Monica for saving Zander's life. I know he said he had no choice because Em would never forgive him, but I like the way Alan finally admitted that there might actually be a good side to Zander . 

Alan: What you did tonight took a lot of courage. I'm beginning to understand what Emily sees in you. Zander: Getting shot didn't make you like me any better last time. Alan: Well, I'm -- stopped thinking that you're the worst thing that ever happened to my daughter, especially since you convinced her to go to rehab where she's safe. Zander: You like me as long as I'm far away from Emily, huh? 
Alan: I'll reserve judgment on that. You need a little bit of work on impulse control. 


I really enjoyed the scenes between Alexis and Ned at the hospital, I really miss those two together. Alexis was being her usual  stubborn self telling the doctor how she can't have this cast on because she has too much to do. Of course the doctor, who might know a little more about the situation was trying to explain and getting nowhere. 

Doctor: Actually, your wrist is broken. Alexis: No, it's not broken. It -- ow! What are you doing? It is not broken. It is my left arm. I'm left-armed. 
Ned: Don't look at me. If the lady insists that her arm isn't broken, well, then, I guess it might just decide to heal spontaneously. 
Alexis: Doctor, I need to explain something to you. See, I can't wear this cast for six weeks. I have far too much to do, and my left arm cannot be out of commission for that long. Doctor: Ms. Davis, I need you to understand something. The recovery process is six weeks minimum, if you take care of yourself. Alexis: Medical science has tackled the genome project. Surely you-all could come up with a way to fix a broken bone in less than six weeks. Now, you're going to have to take this off in three. Doctor: You explain it to her. 
Ned: Alexis, you're not a machine. You broke your wrist, like it or not. It takes time to heal. Alexis: How am I going to get anything done? 
Ned: Well, I know this may seem like a novel concept, but you could accept a little help. Alexis: You're enjoying this, aren't you? 

See as far as I'm concerned they are the perfect couple, and as with Sonny and Carly I will not discuss it any further. The only other possibility would be Alexis and Jax and since he's not around then there are no other possibilities. 




This is the BAD Stuff


Well once again McHack
  and Jilly have managed to p*ss me off with this ridiculous breakup of Nik and Gia. How dumb is this? Now I understand, the concept I just don't agree with the way he's doing it. I really believe he could have confided in Gia as to what he is up to. I don't know who is hurting more Gia or Nik but when he was telling her he was going back to the Cassadines my heart was breaking for her.

 Nicolas: I realize that I can't give it all up, Gia -- the money, the power. It's my heritage. I'm a prince. What I am doing is crazy. It's beyond absurd. You've said that yourself. Why should I pretend to be poor? You just can't understand. You have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a cassadine. You're not royalty, and that's part of the problem, ok? I did care about you, ok? I still do. And I held on as long as I possibly could. All right? You were fun, really. I will not forget you. But I am a cassadine. You just don't fit in to my world

She was so stunned by what he was saying to her she struck out in old Gia fashion and I couldn't blame her one bit. 

Yeah, you know what? You're right. I don't fit in to your world, and I don't want to. So screw you, prince of nothing! 


Of course don't even get me started on Slizbeth. I can't believe how insensitive she was to Nik when he was trying to explain to Liz how he can't hurt Gia like that. 

I mean, people have been treating her horrible all her life and have lied to her. That's what she expects. And I told her that she could trust me and that I would be different. And she believes that. How in the hell can I turn around and convince her that none of that matters and she means nothing to me at all? I love her too much, ok? And I don't want to destroy that. 

He's trying to explain all this to Liz...

Nicolas: All right, so -- so her feelings don't matter at all, right?

Elizabeth: She's pretty resilient

That's all she can say? Well as far as I'm concerned Liz has really become a selfish, self-righteous, b*tch that doesn't care about anyone but her and Lucky and just how important their future is and damned everyone else's. She's acting more like the old Liz of long ago. I would love to see Lucky get tired of her and dump her ass and maybe start something with Gia. I think they have some real chemistry, something that is definitely missing between Lucky and Liz.

Boobie really needs to back off and stop telling Carly that it is over between her and Sonny. I said before and I'll say it again Boobie has no room to talk, as Carly pointed out to her.

Carly: My family is the most important thing to me. Sonny is my husband, and I'm not just going to throw that away. Bobbie: Oh, honey. How much rejection is it going to take for you to realize you may not have a choice? 
Carly: I don't give up as easily as you do. 

Sound familiar Boobie? That's why you're alone right now. Even Mike is telling you to back off.

Mike: It's called love, bobbie. Whether you want to acknowledge that or not, carly will not give up, no matter what you think or how you feel, and she shouldn't.


 You end your relationships at a drop of a hat. But there is a new man in town, so to speak. Maybe "new" is not quite the right word. But I bet he'd really like to get to know you. Just imagine getting it on with his arch enemy's sister. Hmm come to think about it you've been there and done that already. 

Even tho I am getting tired of Stavros lurking around and sneaking in and out of Laura's house and leaving little gifts he does have his own style. I think his arrogance is part of what is going to bring him down as Hells keeps trying to point out to him. 

I understand your frustration, stavros, but the fact remains you simply cannot go wandering around port Charles. There are people out there who will recognize you. 
Stavros: Oh, mother. Village idiots. Every one of them. Not one of them a match for a cassadine. Mother, this is no longer your show. I spent too long in that ice chest to allow you to bury me alive again. Now I would like to enjoy the night air and my solitude. Please leave me to it. 

Poor Hells she really has lost control of the situation. She better watch out he'll take over where Luke left off and snap her neck like a twig. Lets face it they don't have the normal mother/son relationship, even for a Cassadine.



This is the Ugly Stuff


Well if you say I am repeating myself  you are right and I will continue to do so till the whiteout she devil is gone. If  I had any doubts about not trusting her I don't after this week. She is lying thru her teeth about who she is  I just know it.  She p*ssed me off so bad when Mike wanted to use her phone to call the cops about Sonny and she wouldn't let him. 

Mike: sonny went after carly. Thank god. Wait a minute. Wait. He didn't want me to know what he was planning. He went after carly alone. Wait a minute. Sonny -- sonny is walking into a trap. I mean, sorel is waiting for him, and carly's the bait. I got to call the cops. Angel: No, I won't allow it. Mike: What do you mean, you won't allow it? I thought that you cared about my son's life. Angel: I do. I also care about the way he chooses to live it. This thing with sorel is sonny's battle. It's not mine, not yours. Now, I will yank that phone out of the wall before I let you use it to call the police

Now I do not under any circumstances condone violence. Especially against women. But in this one instance I wouldn't have minded if Mike would have picked her up took her outside and threw her right in the mud. Then to top things off she had the nerve to ask big mouth Amy what Sorel's condition is . Next thing you know she's sitting by his bedside. What's up with that???  Only good thing about it was Sonny saw her, and the look on his face said it all. No matter what she does it gets on my last nerve and she has got to go. Far far away. 




This is the I don't know about


I don't know-As I said before I do not under any circumstances want a Sexis storyline. I certainly hope that tptb aren't going in that direction. It seems to me that Alexis sure did show a lot of concern for Sonny and how he was. Now I know she is a caring person but what was that conversation all about  him having to change or she can't be friends with him anymore.

Don't laugh at me I'm -- sane -- sort of. As much as I like you, I can't be friends with you anymore if you aren't going to play nicely and you're going to act like some bomb-wearing, death-defying, coffee baron. No more bombs, no more guns, because I'm high-strung enough as it is and my nerves can't take it. 

Is it just her nerves that can't take it or is her heart getting involved? In my opinion this just wouldn't work. The only thing that is going to work here is Sonny and Carly.  Carly and Sonny. That's who  belongs together and that's all there is to it. If they go there with this I am going to be in a very p*ssed off mood and Jilly  you don't want to see what happens when you p*ss off an owl. There's a  reason they have those sharp talons and beaks.  

Well I guess that's it for this week, I hope everyone found some part of this entertaining.

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