The Good, Bad, and Ugly

August 17th, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


"Ding dong Sorel is dead, Sorel is really dead, yo ho...." Yadda yadda yadda  well you get the general idea. But of course I'm not the only one that is glad he is gone. Every citizen of PC is breathing a sigh of relief. I mean when Tony told Allan that Sorel was dead all Allan said was ...... Ok call some orderlies to get him out of here. I guess this could be a rather good storyline with the long list of suspects if they didn't take forever to wrap it up . But I have a horrible feeling this is going to go into Nov. sweeps. But maybe not with all the fuss going on behind the scenes. One can only hope. 

Well didn't you just love the reunion between Jax and Chloe?

  Chloe: Jax? Is it really you? Jax: In the flesh. Chloe: When did you get in? How long will you be here? Jax: First I need to know that you're all right.  Then smash she lays one on him right across the face, I just loved it. Then all  he says is:  I deserved that.

Well of course you deserved that Candy boy, that and more. I'm glad Chloe let him know how she felt:

 Yeah, and here you are. You know, I'm surprised you don't have flowers, Belgian chocolates. Or did you think you might send me a mixed signal? I don't need protection from Stefan. And I don't need protection from falling in love with someone who's really in love with someone else. It's a little late for that. Did you find Brenda? If you haven't been with her this whole time, then don't you think I deserved a little more than a letter? You couldn't have flown in or called me? 

It just kills me that he thinks he can just pop back in her life and feel the need to tell her who she shouldn't' be seeing. That sh*t ass hairstyle he has must be affecting his brain waves. I mean look at it and tell me it doesn't make him look like an idiot: 

I can't wait to see more scenes between Sonny and Jax. These two actors just play off one another so well, they are kick ass to watch. I loved it when Jax came back to his room and Sonny was waiting for him. Of course the nickname Sonny has for him cracks me up every time I hear it.  "Candy Boy"  Is that anything like "Candy Ass" ? I tell you in that ridiculous white suit he reminds me of the "good humor man" Any moment I was expecting him to say "Cone? vanilla or chocolate?"

 I must admit I am beginning to enjoy more and more any scenes involving Stavcicube. He is playing this character for all it's worth. I even liked the scene between him and Chloe. She was so upset when she found out that she had been deceived by Stefan about the letter that she confided in "Lucien" who of course took advantage of the situation to tell her what a slime ball Stefan really is:

 Stavros:I find duplicitous people a waste of time. 
Chloe: And what about the honest ones? The ones who never meant to lie? Let me ask you this, Lucien -- if you loved a woman, would you ever leave her, even if it were for someone that you loved before? 
Stavros: When I love someone, it's absolute. Nothing, not even death, could keep me from the woman I choose.  Any man who walks away from you is a fool. Chloe: He was always in love with someone else, and I always knew that deep down. And once he finally realized it, he said all of the right things. But he still walked away. Stavros: We obviously are not talking about Stefan. Chloe: I don't even want to think about Stefan. I would be a lucky girl if I never even saw Stefan again. Stavros: Well, there is a way to make sure that happens. Chloe: How? Stavros: Tell Stefan he's not good enough. Chloe: I was thinking of something a little bit stronger. Stavros: No. When I had dealings with Stefan in the past, I had him researched. You see, Stefan has always lived in the shadow of his brother. Chloe: Stavros. Stavros: Yes. His older brother was brilliant, decisive, and Stefan was always afraid he would never measure up. Became kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I love the double innuendoes, especially when he says, not even death, could keep me from the woman I choose. Lol is he kidding or what? Now that was good.

Of course I couldn't forget the scene between him and Elton. I was LMAO. Especially when Elton was fingering his suit and said something like 'I can't help admire the drape of this wool over these shoulder.....ohhhhhhh they're not shoulder pads. What a hoot (no pun intended, .....well maybe just a little one) Elton hitting on Stavros if only he knew. Not sure Stavros picked up on it but maybe it's better he didn't or Elton might find himself frozen somewhere with a few parts missing, knowing Stavros's sense of humor.

Last but not least I loved seeing Sonny show how much he still loves Carly. When he came in his office and discovered her sleeping there and went over to her and touched her hair ever so gently. Then when he was talking to Zander trying to explain Carly's actions to him and he said......

Sonny: Hey. Did you see sorel hit carly? I mean, I know what happened because I saw a bruise on her face, but did you actually see him do it? 
Zander: Yeah. Sonny: Was she crying? Zander: No. No, she was -- she was fighting. 
Sonny: Well, yeah, you know carly. She -- any time she gets scared, she fights more, you know. It's not always smart, but -- most of the time it's the opposite. She doesn't think about the danger, the consequences. She just goes straight at it. Stop your heart, how brave she is. You know, she never believed I could keep her -- I could keep her safe, so she betrayed me. And then I -- I turn around and proved her right by leaving her alone

"Stop your heart, how brave she is " Oh he loves her so much he can taste it. These two belong together there is not a doubt in my mind. Now if we could just put it in Jilly's mind. Oh geez what am I talking about? Did I actually imply that she has a brain? That she would actually do something that the fans want to see? Boy I am really reaching aren't I? Well one can only hope, that's why I keep watching, hoping and watching.




This is the BAD Stuff


Well I don't know about anyone else but I actually felt sorry for Stefan when Chloe dumped him. I admit he should have told her about the letter and omitting that was like lying to her all over again, but he really does love her. I'm not sure she would have said all those things to him if Stavcicube hadn't influenced her. He  knew that Chloe would tell Stefan what Stravros said to tell him, about "never being good enough" and it was sad to see....

Chloe: Are there any more lies that I need to know about? Stefan: You know everything. 
Chloe: Yeah, I know that you had me kidnapped. You withheld my medication. You forged a letter from a man that I was in love with. I think at a certain point a woman has to say that's enough. Stefan: The man you were in love with deserted you. He didn't know how to love you the way you deserve to be loved. I do. Now, let me prove that to you, Chloe. Chloe: We're finished, Stefan. Stefan: You can't mean that. 
Chloe: No, forget it. I do mean that. I don't want you. You will never be good enough. 

Stefan has been told his whole life that he's no good.  Now just when there's a chance for him to be happy it all blows up in his face. He just needs a woman that will understand him and love him for all his faults anyhow. Any one out there up for the challenge? I can think of a few people at my favorite site, "GH Rocks"

I know I said this whole "Sorel/murder/anyone in PC could have done it/ but who really cares, storyline could be interesting. But chances are TPTB won't go that way. Taggert will end up arresting the wrong person either Carly or Zander and then everything will fall apart from there. I don't really think it was a main character, but I have been wrong before. Not often mind you but it happens occasionally. lol. Just kidding guys. But a theory that someone had that it might have been Moreno is interesting. I mean if they thaw someone out after 20yrs, they can bring Moreno back. Whoever walked in that room terrified  Sorel and I just don't think any of our current suspects ever had that affect on him. I just have this sinking feeling this is going into Nov. sweeps and that is what is really really bad.

Well I have made no bones about the fact that I am not at all thrilled with the return of Jax. He is the same smug, self righteous, egotistical S.O.B. he's always been:

I'm not saying I handled it well, Ned. I thought I saw Brenda
I also thought Chloe was safe. I mean, how was I supposed to know that Alexis' insane brother would kidnap her? Now, what the hell were you thinking, letting her go off with him tonight? 

Typical Jax ready to put the blame somewhere else and inferring that only he knows what's right for Chloe. I like when Alexis told him...

You know, Chloe's a grown woman. I think she's perfectly capable of making her own decisions. She doesn't need any help, well, from you and -- and, forgive me, especially not from you. If she wants to be with my insane brother, well, that's her choice. 

I would love to see someone take Jax for every thing he's got, maybe even have him fall really hard for someone like he did for Brenda and then have that person walk out on him like he did to Chloe. I firmly believe in that saying "What goes around comes around". IMO it's time for it to come around for Jax. Ok I am now ducking I can see the slings and arrows coming my way.



This is the Ugly Stuff


Well just like I promised, once again the white out b*tch has made this section  WTF? What a phony she is. One minute she's bringing her father flowers and wearing the pearls that he gave her for her sixteenth birthday. Excuse me while I hurl here.... The next minute she is ripping them from her neck and telling Sonny that Sorel needs to be taken care of before he kills someone else. She sits at his bedside and when he starts to have trouble breathing she continues to  just sit there and watch him not even bothering to call the nurse. Then when Carly goes off expressing her extreme gratitude that Sorel is dead, Angel shouts back at her about having some sympathy and how could she be so insensitive. But the  thing that really burned my butt was when she broke down in Sonny's arms and shed those crocodile tears. I wanted to grab a handful of that lousy haircut of hers and pull her off of him and stomp on her once or twice. Did I mention I would be wearing shoes with all kinds of mud and guck on them and whatever other yucky thing I could find? I think you guys get the picture. I am starting on a voodoo doll of her, maybe I'll be kind and give her a better hair style , this one looks like  Edward Scissorhand was the stylist >>>>>>>>


This is the I don't know about


This week it's a little different version. I don't know how much longer I can put up with Lucky whining and whining about how much "I need Elizabeth" Someone needs to put a gag on this guys mouth. I really don't like this whole part of the storyline. Nik pretending to dump Gia, and hurting her like he did, and on top of all that we have to put up with frog face who gets more irritating with each passing show. Keeping Lucky safe has become an obsession with her, and the hell with anyone else. I know Nicholas has good intentions and he doesn't get on my nerves like she does. I don't know if my "FF" button is going to make it to November. It's too bad Rebecca and Michael didn't start doing the horizontal mambo a little sooner, then she would have gotten preggers earlier and maybe have been off the show by now. Oh well I can fantasize can't I?  Oh I know I can, because in my priority fantasy Jilly and McHack are gone, Labine is in residence and Luke and Laura are getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Ahhhhhhhhhh now that's what I call a good ending!!!!!

Well that's it for this week guys. As always slings, arrows, and praise (you know I always prefer the latter) are always welcome.


BTW I would like to thank you, Carla,  from GH Rocks for providing me with the pics of Luke. They are absolutely awesome!  You are very talented.


Oh yes btw I want to credit "Eye on Soaps" for the transcripts that I usually have in my gbu's. As most of you know Tracey Warren who is an integral part of EOS does the transcripts there now. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to interject them in my reviews. So thanks once again to Tracey and EOS.


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