The Good, Bad, and Ugly

August 3rd, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


As far as I'm concerned the best scenes of the week were the ones between Luke, Luke2 and the Flea. I was ROTFLMAO. Now granted I'm not to sure how this whole thing is going to play out with the two Lukes but it was worth it just to see the expressions on Flea's face when Luke2 started in on her. Telling her she was useless to him, while she argues how she helped him out. He counters with all he did was clean up after all her blunders. Of course we all know how right he is. TG was in such fine form right down to when Flea called him a pig and he started oinking like one. That had to be his idea. But he's not done yet he tells her "I could never love you, you're just short-termed parking, a rest stop with a view"  Then just when you think the "good Luke" has alter ego Luke convinced  to apologize he does it again. He talks about going back to his apartment telling her he's sorry and she's just about to believe him and he says "Meet me in the shower, you bring the soap and I'll do your front"    Something along those lines anyhow, it was priceless. I almost felt sorry for the Flea but then I said naw she deserves it for being such an bimbo for so long. So thank you Jilly if you were responsible for that little bit of pleasure.

Of course as usual Alexis shone in all her scenes. I am so glad she is finally getting more to do. When she was thinking back about her mom singing that lullaby to her I had tears in my eyes too. There are so many sides to her personality, the vulnerability and then the part of her that will stand up to Hells no matter what. Telling Hells she wants her dead more then "world peace". The scenes between her and Sonny where she is trying to convince him to steal the necklace for her because it belongs to her were heart wrenching. I mean here is the always upstanding lawyer, always trying to do the right thing ready to sacrifice her career and everything to go up against Hells. Of course when Ned was trying to understand why she was acting so irrational when he caught her trying to steal the necklace were scene stealers too. You just know how much he still loves and cares about her and always will no matter what. Of course  she never backs down from Hells, I almost wish she would have got that punch off before Taggart stopped her. Gooo Alexis.

Of course I also liked seeing Taggert standing up to Hells when she threatens his badge and he says "I'm not one of your flunkies that you can order around"  I want to believe that Jax stole that necklace for Alexis. I mean I never really imagined him as the jewel-thief type. He raids companies he doesn't rappel from ceiling windows  and snatch necklaces.

Again I'm ducking from the slings and arrows. I was really hoping Carly was pregnant. You can tell Sonny wants it too. When he was holding that baby outfit and then standing outside the nursery with that luscious smile on his face. It said it all.  Sorry people I want those two to get back together and I will continue to hope till there's no hope left.

I am glad to see that Sonny is by no way trusting the white out b*tch. She is lying thru her teeth to him as to who she is. I hate that she is constantly in his face and is always showing up where he's at. It is none of her business if Carly is pregnant or not. I wish he would have told her that instead of going into detail about how he's not sure if she's really pregnant. Geez sometimes men just don't use their brains, even my beloved Sonny.


This is the BAD Stuff


Now this white out b*tch is really p*ssing me off. Hey Angel did you know there were stalking laws in California? Maybe somebody ought to have you arrested. Every time I saw her she was somewhere near Sonny. Going to his penthouse to find out if Carly is pregnant telling him maybe there is a chance for the two of them if she's not. What is this sh*t? Since when did he ever lead her to believe they had any kind of future. I'm telling you guys all this white see is wearing is affecting her brain. The straw that broke the camel's back was that ridiculous dinner she brought over to his office. What was up with that? Although I must admit going with the red-checkered tablecloth was a real shocker and the red wine no less. I was really surprised she didn't bring pasta Alfredo in keeping with the white motif. I was so glad when Mike came in and kind of busted things up for them. I know Sonny is being wary of her because he asked that Lieutenant of Sorel's what he knew about Donny Ellis. This is good. But I still wish he would have kicked her *ss out in the first place.

Of course once again Boobie has irritated me by telling Carly it is best if she is not pregnant. Typical Boobie rhetoric. Give it up Carly, move on Carly, find someone else Carly. That's why you are all alone now and have no one in your life once again because you followed your useless advice. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you have to have a man or person in your life to make you happy but Boobie never gives a relationship long enough to find out. First time things get rough she is flying for the nearest exit. She may have to do a Rae Cummings and bop over to another ABC soap to find her a man now. She's been thru all the ones in PC. I was thinking about Stavcicle for her but it looks like he has his eye on someone just a little bit younger . But that will be dealt with in my "ugly section"

I really felt sorry for Lucky. I must admit JY turned in a pretty good performance even for him. He realizes what he has done and you know he's devastated. Now the only thing he can do is push Liz out of his life and protect her. I'm torn on this one. Liz has been a real pain in the *ss these last few months so throwing her out like he did gave me hope. But of course I know it isn't going to last especially with her running all over town trying to enlist anyone to "save" Lucky.

This is the Ugly Stuff


I don't know what Stavros is up to with Gia, but whatever it is it is sick. Is he really interested in bedding his son's ex-girlfriend? Or is this going to be some kind of test. Maybe he plans on Letting Nicholas see him with Gia and test his reaction. I mean once Nik gets over the initial shock that his dad is alive and has just been thawed out after 20 some years. Either way I don't even think TPTB would be that stupid to go there. Hmmm on second thought maybe I better keep my mouth shut. I almost forgot about the Luke and Laura fiasco. But it was really gross watching him trying to suck face with Gia. YUCK YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK; and that is my opinion on that!

This is the I don't know about


This whole Skye/AJ/Carly/ scam thing. I'm really not sure what she is up to. Playing up to AJ promising to help him get Michael back. I mean now that it's all out in the open about what she did to EM she doesn't have to do anything for him.  Another thing why does she have it in for Carly? What's Carly ever done to her? I mean Allan sees her at one AA meeting pouring her heart out and all of a sudden all is forgiven? Now she has Lila on her side also which is a plus.  I must admit tho she can hold her own with Ned and Edward.  I've always liked anyone that could stand up to the old geezer so that's my dilemma guys. Part of me actually likes her but a very small part, once again I am ducking and very low to the ground. I have a feeling I will get some backlash on this one. But that's ok that's what makes these so fun to do. 

So until next week you guys all take care. Hope to be hearing from you good or bad or ugly. :-).

Oh yes btw I want to credit "Eye on Soaps" for the transcripts that I usually have in my gbu's. As most of you know Tracey Warren who is an integral part of EOS does the transcripts there now. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to interject them in my reviews. So thanks once again to Tracey and EOS.


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