The Good, Bad, and Ugly

August 16th, 2002

This is the Good Stuff


" Well normally my “good” section is pretty extensive but IMHO I didn’t see too much good going on this past week. But here goes a couple that might qualify..

Now I admit I don’t like this “Rick” storyline where they are trying to make him out an alleged killer and along with Scott trying to cover up a twenty year old crime. But I have to admit I was LMAO at Lucky and Nik when they decided to move “dead Rick” and conceal the body from PC’s not so illustrious D.A. I was cracking up when they were on the docks and Lucky was trying to blow Scott off and Nik was in the corner trying to hold up “dead Rick” and having a really hard time of it. Then when they were in the car on their way to Windemere and Nik was going on and on about another “dead Ted” in his car. I especially cracked up when they saw the cops behind them and Nik said something like

“Oh we’re as good as dead Ted now”.

I just love the fact that these two have reunited and teamed up together. I actually like both of them again. Lucky seems so much different since he got away from Slizzie and Nik is acting more like his old self (well in his case, young self). I’m glad because I was really getting tired of the “prince” routine and the shades of Stavros that seemed to be resurfacing there for a while. These brothers make a hellava team and I can’t wait till they take Scott down. I was cracking up when they involved Gia, under much protest and wanted her to call the cops about the “so called accident”. When she was rehearsing using an English accent and saying that this accident is a disaster and Lucky retorted, “What’s a disaster is that accent.” The three musketeers a definite improvement over the “Scooby Doo gang”

Quite a while back I wanted Liz and Jason to get together but I’m not so sure I feel that way anymore. But what I find amusing is the way she is stalking Jason so to speak and practically throwing herself at him and he keeps throwing her back at herself. She is making a fool out of herself and I am enjoying every minute of it. She thinks she’s just all that and that Jason was just going to jump her bones the minute she gave him the ok. I just love it that he is blowing her off. I know he is doing it to protect her but it’s fun to watch anyhow. Anytime Slizzie can be made to look like more of an idiot then she already is makes my day.

I loved the scene between Alexis and Ned when he was forcing her to drink the glass of milk, and she was gagging the whole time, telling her it is for the good of the baby. Alexis was cracking me up with the faces she was making. Ned is always right there as her protector even when Carly came over and Alexis explained to him that she had invited her. She had to insist that he could leave, and that she can handle Carly. I am also glad that Carly agreed to turn over the medical records to Alexis for the sake of the baby. We know there are good and caring sides to Carly and she proved that today.

Well unfortunately I really can’t find anything else that I consider “good” that happened, so on to the “bad” and believe me there’s a whole lotta bad going on.



This is the BAD Stuff


As some of you might know there have been times when a storyline appears both in my good & bad or ugly sections. This is one of those times. Now as I mentioned earlier the scenes with Nik and Lucky trying to hide and dispose of “dead Rick” I found very amusing. But of course there’s a downside to all this. It pisses me off to no end that they have made Rick, a character that I always liked and that was always respected and considered to be one of the best doctors in PC back in the “good ole days” as I refer to GH when it was the number one show. I suppose you could consider Rick as being kind of shady because he was a womanizer. To tell you the truth about that too, I only remember when he cheated on Leslie with Monica. But then that’s TPTB rewriting history ………………………again. Now I know we still don’t know if he really did kill Theresa or if Laura really killed Rick. I am really hoping they’re not going to drag this into infinity because I am already tired of it. I wouldn’t mind if Luke found out that Scotty had a lot to do with it because truth be known I would love to see Luke kick his self-righteous obnoxious overbearing ass. Scotty has never been one of my favorites but lately he has joined the list of people who I would like to see plummet off that infamous parapet. I mean everything that comes out of his mouth lately just irritates the hell out of me because it’s just so idiotic. Like the other day when he came into Kelley’s and Nik & Lucky were just sitting there and Scott said something like

“And what are you two doing here?”

Duh, hello? It’s a diner Scott, people come to eat here. Just because you have something to hide doesn’t mean everybody in PC does. Next thing you know it he’ll be interrogating Bobbie and then who knows who else. Next thing you know you’ll see him badgering LuLu and threatening to take away her toys if she doesn’t tattle on her brothers.

Ahhhh yes once again Roy is proving to everyone what a real jackass he is. Does he really believe that he is going to get over on Alcazar, a man willing to kill anyone who gets in his way and whom I might add has quite an obsessive streak himself. He seems to be reverting back to his “disco days” when he thought back then he was all that. You would think he would have learned something having spent all those years in the joint. As far as I’m concerned Roy is a self-absorbed wannabe gangster, whose brains are in his *ss1, where I might add he needs to be kicked. I really like A. Martinez and it’s a shame what they did with his character. Now he’s nothing but a punk in a cheap suit that wants to hook up with the Flea. Geez, that should tell you something right there.

Then of course there’s Liz making a complete fool of herself by following Jason around like a pathetic puppy. I mean c’mon Liz what does he have to do to get you to give it up already. Granted he’s doing it to keep you safe, and it’ beyond my comprehension what he sees in you but listen up why don’t you? The more you push him the more he’s going to back away. I have absolutely no sympathy for her whatsoever. Who in their right mind would choose Zander over Jason anyhow? If Zander’s not getting shot, he’s getting beat up or bopped on the head or arrested. This guy has spent more time in jail and the hospital then he has on the streets. Maybe Liz, just maybe if you grow up and stop acting like a immature, adolescent that seems to need rescuing every five minutes Jason might give you a second look. But seeing you are clueless when it comes to the term “mob wars” you’re just hopeless. I wonder did she not learn anything with Kristina’s demise? The other day when she set Jason up with that anonymous phone call to meet her at Vista Point and he got pissed and tried to tell her about the danger and the dumb twit said something like ..

”Who’s going to try something out here in the middle of the day?” I wanted to slap her upside her head. Hey Liz, does the shootout in front of the PC police station ring any bells for you? Or what about Sorel holding Carly and Alexis hostage in Sonny’s very own penthouse? Or again I bring up the warehouse explosion where a seemingly innocent person was blown to smithereens. But no, no one would bother PC’s darling in the middle of a public park. I think all the paint fumes have finally gotten to her. Then to top it all off she gets caught skulking around in the garage by Jason’s bike. When brought up to the penthouse Carly tries to give her a few pointers if she intends to be a gangster’s moll. Like keep your mouth shut and don’t ask any questions and try not to get Jason killed with your silly ass stunts.“ Or Jason will cut you off so fast you’ll think you got whiplash.” Carly’s got a point and Liz should listen but of course she won’t and she’ll just end up in another harrowing situation where Jason will have to rescue her sorry ass. Just one time, I wish Jason would ignore her, maybe we’ll all get lucky and she’ll finally get what she deserves. Because she sure as hell doesn’t deserve him.

Just another comment on Zander’s stupidity. What did I say about getting bopped on the head? Sure enough he sneaks aboard Alcazar’s yacht and thinks he’s being really slick trying to follow Brenda/Diana and as usual ends up coming to with a strange woman wanting to know all kinds of information about Sonny, Carly, and Jax. Of course Zander being the loosed lipped fool that he is tells her anything she wants to know. Yeah that’s who I’d want working for me the epitome of discretion.


This is the Ugly Stuff


UGLY- Oh Skye, Skye “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we try to deceive” or something like that, close enough. I want to shake her and shake her till I can knock some sense into her but I guess it is too late now. What a shame. For the first time in her life she finds a guy that really loves her and cares about her knowing everything there is to know about her. All her flaws, deceptions, lies, schemes, and insecurities and Jax still loves her. I just wish she could have seen it before she teamed up with the snake and devil incarnate. I read somewhere that they were going to have Edward become more like the original Ed, played by David Lewis. Well he was evil and it looks like what I read is unfolding before our eyes. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for her because she made her bed now she has to lie in it. Unfortunately she’s going to be lying in it by herself. When Jax finds out what she did he is going to kick her to the curb so fast it’s going to feel like he’s a champion place kicker and she’s the football. Not even to mention his revenge. When he gets thru with her she’s going to feel like she was tackled by the “Refrigerator” All this just because of all her insecurities and maybe a little greed thrown in . But mostly payback, because she thought Jax was betraying her. What a shame he really would have been good for her, but I really can’t see him forgiving her after this. I mean it’s one thing if it was just him that it was going to affect but it’s his whole family. We all know how he feels about his family. So to say that Skye is in deep sh*t2 is putting it mildly. Like I said I put her in the right category because there is nothing much uglier then “deep sh*t”

Well till next week guys, take care and have a great weekend.


1 ass

2 shit


Well here I am again. Just when you all thought it was safe in the land of soaps. It's been a while but I'm reviving my "gbu"s" once again. I really do enjoy doing them but it's going to take me a while to get back on track. Consider the next couple ones trial runs. Hopefully they'll get a little better each time.
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