The Good, Bad, and Ugly


This is the Good Stuff


" Wow can you believe it a woman finally getting over on Asa? Rae seems to really have him over a barrel. ďRae: I said that rev. Carpenter is here to marry us, Asa.

Asa: Which "us" would that be?

Rae: You and me, kimosabe. Now let's see, that would make me, um -- the 10th woman to be Mrs. Asa Buchanan, and I, for one -- I can't wait. How about you, Asa? ď

Hmmm well I wonder if Rae is going to pull this one off? I think it would be so ironic if it happened. The only one I feel sorry for in all this is Renee. Here she thinks that Asa is really turning over a new leaf and that Rae is responsible for that. Now sheís going to find out that He is the same old s.o.b. and that Rae is actually blackmailing him and not helping him. Can you imagine being married to Rae though? She isnít one of my favorite people and she gets on my nerves watching her with others that she likes. I can only imagine what she will put Asa thru if she pulls this off. I really canít wait. I mean I donít by any means condone with Rae has done all these years but Asa had no right in tormenting her the way he did. So as they say what goes around comes around.

I am so glad that Gabby is hip to Al. Now what sheís going to do with the information is another thing. After all he is her son. But on the other hand she really likes Bo and she knows how he feels about honesty and secrets. I hope she gives Al an ultimatum. Either he turns himself in or she goes to Bo with the whole sordid story. I would love to see Al taken down a peg or two. He thinks heís so slick, but if this backfires on him heís going to end up in jail, everyone will turn against him, especially Jen and once again heíll be out in the cold. Ha ha ha I canít wait.

Todd: ďOh, is that what you call it, huh? Because from where I was standing, it kind of looked like you were trying to inhale the guy.Ē

Tea: ďTodd, you got to listen to me. I was only doing that because I was trying to forget you. But it didn't work. Nothing works. Nothing has ever worked. Todd, I love you. ď

You know this whole Todd/Blair/Tea scenario is a first for me. In the beginning I didnítí t want Todd with anyone but Blair. I was a true fan of this couple. But over the months my opinion have changed and it has really shocked me because I usually stick with my original choice when it comes to triangles. But it this case I really want Todd and Tea to get back together. Now I have heard that he is leaving and I have heard that he is staying. It would be great to have him stay and do a whole new storyline on these two starting over. I definitely feel they have more chemistry then he and Blair. Even the actors seem more comfortable with one another. It is just so hard sometimes to read Todd, because you donít know if he just wants to get back with Tea so she can help him get his kids back or if he really has feelings for her. There are times when I feel he doesnít care about anyone but Starr and Jack. But he does crack me up; I love his sense of humor:

Todd: This is about you and me, tea. This isn't about me getting my kids back.

Tea: Are you sure?

Todd: Yeah, no, look, if it were that simple, hey, I would just give you another $5 million and watch you fall through another window.

Tea: Oh, uh-uh, ha, ha.

Then when Ross was trying to explain to him that they couldnít leave because of the wind change.

Todd: Oh, the wind changed. Oh, that -- that's great. Why don't you go away and then maybe the wind will change back.

Ross: I thought I explained to you about the weather.

Todd: Let me explain something to you, ok -- trade winds, the reason they call them trade winds is because they trade.

Tea: Todd.

Todd: No, I'm serious! Look, the winds will change back.

Ross: Yeah, in six months. We're talking about a seasonal shift, manning.

Todd: Who are you, al roker?

Always the wiseass but you know that one thing he is serious about are his kids, and thatís what makes him vulnerable.



This is the BAD Stuff


Keri & Antonio, this is a lost cause unless Antonio can prove that RJ somehow conned Keri into believing that he was with her the night of the break out. We know he did it now all Antonio has to do is prove it, yeah right. Trouble is Antonio is so bent on arresting RJ that he is behaving like a mad man and an idiot towards Keri. He needs to realize as far as sheís concerned RJ has an alibi, and nothing he says is going to make any difference. Hopefully Lindsey and Allison will testify that RJ helped them escape and then maybe Keri and Antonio can fix things. Sheís going to be devastated when she finds out about her father, I just hope Antonio can be sympathetic and not at like the gung ho cop heís acting like now.

Well it looks like this Vicki/Nicki/Allison/Lindsey/Mollie/Roxie fiasco is coming to an end and not a moment to soon as far as Iím concerned. Geez Iím really getting tired of this Vicki/Nicki thing already. It looks like Ben is the one who got shot, now we have to watch him in another coma and on deathís door again? What about this damn secret already? I myself am sick of hearing about it and unless itís a real blockbuster I could care less. Címon Gary letís get this over with already and move on to more exciting things.

Well even though I would love to see someone really stick it to Asa I donít think Rae marrying him is such a good idea. We all know how Asa is and heís been at this conning and conniving stuff a lot longer then Rae and in the end I think she is the one that is going to lose. Plus right now Renee is her only friend and when she finds out Rae is blackmailing Asa into marriage, Rae is going to all by herself because Renee is going to be one p*ssed off individual.

Arsonist Al set fire to Jenís place to frame Nat, almost killed Jen, but became a hero because he saved Jen. Became a hero in everyoneís eyes but Gabbyís because his mom knows he is the little firebug of Llandview. Now the crux of the matter: Does Gabby goes to Bo and tell him what she knows? Or does she keep her mouth shut because Al is her loving son. We know Al isnít going to confess because he is delusional enough to think that if Jen does eventually break up with Chris sheíll come back to him. What an idiot he is.

One other thing that bothered me was when Sam caught Blair and Chad talking and Blair said she hired him for the ďSunĒ. He got his shorts all in a twist. Now I know he is just trying to protect her but he has no right making final decisions for her. She said maybe it wasnít the right thing to hire Chad she would think about it. Then Sam turns around and tells Chad outside Blairís office:

Sam: Oh, Chad, I'd put all that back if I were you. Blair agreed with me that it's not a good idea for you to be working here. Sorry it didn't work out.

Chad: Why didn't Mrs. Manning tell me that herself?

Sam: Because I did.

Blairís going to be p*ssed when she finds out what he did. Interfering in her life just after she apologized to Sam when he found out how she had messed in Troy and Noraís life.

Blair: Listen, sweetie -- I promise you, I would never keep your daddy from seeing you.

Starr: Even to get him back for the time that he wouldn't let me see you?

Blair: Well, especially because of that. Because I know how much that hurts.

Starr: So you don't know where dad is?

Blair: No, no, and I know how much you love him. And I know how much he loves you. And I would never, ever want you to hurt like that. And, no, I don't know where your daddy is. I wish that I did. I donít. You know what, aunt Vicki doesn't know. Sam doesn't know, the police don't know.

Starr: But he -- he's going to come back. So maybe -- you know, because he always comes back. So maybe we, you know, shouldn't throw his stuff away.

Blair: You know, Starr, when I -- look, listen -- it's really hard for me to pack up all of your daddy's things. You know that? But I can't just walk around this office and everywhere I turn, I'm reminded of him.

Starr: But you just can't throw them away.

Blair: I wonít. I wasn't going to. I was just going to pack them away someplace safe.

Starr: Until dad comes back?

Blair: Yeah, or until you or jack want them, ok?

Starr: So if you knew where daddy was, you'd let me see him, right?

Blair: Oh, I promise you, baby, I would. I promise.

Starr: Mom?

Blair: What, babe?

Starr: I don't know when, but some day -- it may not be soon -- some day, dad is going to come back. I know it.

I feel so sorry for Starr. She really loves her daddy and she is the only one that is really getting hurt in this mess. Jack is a little too young to notice but Starr just wants things to be the way they were. I just love

KA I think she is an awesome little actress and itís high time she was acknowledged for it. When she was talking about Todd like she was I had tears in my eyes. She is amazing.


This is the Ugly Stuff


Looks like Jen is finally going round the bend and it couldnít be soon enough for me. When she had Natalie over for dinner the other night I thought for a minute she was going to crack up right then and there. All those things she was saying to Nat about her and ChristianÖ

Jen: Anybody. Antonio, his mom, friends. When we first started going out, it was so bizarre. It's like girls would just come out of nowhere, pleading with him for his notes from class, to fix their computers, to help them at the gym. Yeah. When he figured out that I was kind of bothered by it -- Natalie, he was so great. He was incredible, so understanding. You know, he just -- he just held me, told me how much he loves me, and then he showed me over and over again. It goes way beyond sex. We make love in every way all the time. And the things that he says to me -- amazing. He told me that he has never loved anyone the way he loves me, and that he couldn't even imagine his life without me. We're just -- we're so close all the time, it's like -- it's like we can read each other's minds.

That's real love. So when a girl comes along and thinks she can just make a play on Christian because he's such a nice guy, she misinterprets that. She thinks he's interested, but he doesn't see her. He doesn't hear her. He doesn't care. Are you ok? You don't look so good

Jen is one sick puppy and I donít think itís going to end there either. I think she is going to continue to harass Nat and maybe even start stalking her. Hey maybe she and Al could get together and plot how to get rid of Natalie theyíre both nut cases. If theyíre not careful theyíre going to both end up in Ferncliffe. Which of course would be fine with me since I canít stand either one of them. Sometimes, Chris is a little slow on the uptake I just hope he figures out what Jen is up to. I mean itís not like this is all one-sided Jen knows that Chris has feelings for Nat too. But what Jen is doing is sick and definitely not normal. At least for a normal, stable adult. Guess that leaves Jen out huh?

Well thatís it for now.







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