The Good, Bad, and Ugly

September 1st, 2002
This is the Good Stuff


Well I don't know about you guys but I was never rooting for Jen like I was the other day when she was trying (and I'm sure it took every brain cell she had) to piece together the events leading up to the fire in her dad's house. Including the last one from Sam when he told Jen that when Al found out Jen was home he ran out of LLandfair like a bat out of hell. Now I'm but no means a Jen fan and there is not a doubt in my mind that she is definitely going around the bend, about this Chris/Nat stuff, but I love that she has this over Al. It took her all of five seconds to confront Al with the evidence and all of five seconds before he broke down and admitted that he did it. What a trooper, he sure does know how to keep a secret doesn't he? Now that she is holding this over his head, she can get him to do just about anything she wants. Hmmmmmm what do we think that's going to entail? Harassing, stalking, and helping her get rid of Natalie would be my guess. Well he's is a spoiled, whinny, irresponsible, idiot and he deserves anything he gets. Including ending up with Jen, which of course is never going to happen, because even a dim bulb like Jen, doesn’t want a dufus like him. IMHO that is.

Of course the second person I was rooting like hell for was Roxie. But she didn't need much help from me. There was Max thinking all he had to do was to a get his divorce, and he'd be rid of Roxie forever. Well as we well know nothing hardly ever goes as planned in Soapland. Sure enough as Roxie put it, her guardian angel was looking out for her. Now calling RJ your guardian angel is a real stretch, but whatever works. He told her what Max was planning on doing and Roxie was right there at the courthouse to catch him in the act. After hearing all the "true" facts Judge Fitzwater granted Max his divorce much to his glee. But as we also know happiness is another thing that doesn't last long in soapland, and with one swipe of the mighty pen the judge awarded all of his assets to Roxie. Oh the look on Max's face was priceless. As he said.........

Max: “You're giving her everything?

Judge: Everything. Millhouse, break bar, all the bank accounts, all the marital assets. Max: No, you can't do -- I didn't know what I was doing. I should've had a lawyer. Judge: Oh, but you were advised of that, Mr. Holden. Max: I changed my mind. I want to stay married. I'm withdrawing my petition. Max: Hey, come on. You can't do this to us. Hey, you know -- remember Vegas? Roxie: You know, judge, sometimes you got to follow your heart. I think I'll take the bum back. Max: Thank you. Judge: Are you sure?

Roxie: Yeah. I mean, that means I get the man and the money, right?

Judge: Case dismissed. “

Poor, poor Max, all his money in the hands of Roxie, and he’s still stuck with her; don’t you just love it? For as long as I can remember, Max has been getting over the women of Llandview, except for Luna, who he really did love, so I think payback is a long time coming. You, go Roxie.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Rae Ray, she walks in on a grieving Vicki and says somehow she feels responsible for what happened. Of course Vicki has no way of knowing the truth, but that lasts for only about five seconds when Renee jumps in with what the real deal is.


“Rae isn't a therapist. She's not qualified to be treating anyone, especially someone with dissociative identity disorder.

Viki: I don't know what you're talking about. Of course she's a therapist.

Rae: Viki, I don't think you're in any shape to handle this.

Renee: You -- how dare you.

Rae: It's unfair of you, Renee, to bring all of this up now.

Renee: "Unfair"? You used that word to destroy our family!

Rae: Renee, not now!

Viki: Please. Please, please. Both of you stop it. What is going on? Are you a therapist or not?

Rae: No, viki, I'm not. I'm a complete and total fraud”

Now I had said last week that I hoped Vicki would blast Rae Ray when she learned what she had done. I had my doubts though because she was grieving and normally it’s not Vicki’s style to lash out. But when she lit into Rae Ray like she did, I came out of my chair and actually started applauding her and yelling you tell the bitch, Vicki and boy did she. Of course Rae‘s over there saying “I‘m still your friend I can help you.” Which just incensed Vicki even more and she said:

“I don't even know how you can say that. You have any inkling as to what you've done? Do you realize that you brought out my worst enemy, my most dangerous enemy? And I told you what she was capable of, but you brought her out. And not only did you leave her to run rampant over my life, you never bothered to tell anyone else what you had done. You see, you unleashed the devil, If only you hadn't, if only u had had the humility to admit that you weren't capable of it. You see, because of you, Niki was set free to destroy my family, which she did. She tried to kill my husband by pushing him out a window. She tried to make my daughter Natalie think that she was sick in the head and that I didn't love her anymore. And because of Niki, Ben is now in what the doctors are calling an irreversible coma. How could you do that to us? . You have ruined so many lives; you have destroyed so much that is so precious. You let out Allison and then you let out Niki and now Ben is gone. And someday you are going to pay for that.”

It just amazes me that Rae Ray keeps trying to make excuses for herself. I can’t wait till the real fun begins and Asa starts making her life a living hell, Buchanan style. I’ve never seen Asa back down from anyone least of all a whinny, lying, cheating fraud like Rae Ray who has never seen a “good hair day”.

Tea: “Ok means that you won't be jealous anymore?

Todd: You know, I always thought that it made you feel kind of important if I went all crazy because you were with other guys like --

Tea: Sometimes it was the only way I knew you cared. But, no, it doesn't make me feel important. It makes me feel miserable. And I just can't take it anymore, Todd.

Todd: Yeah. Ok.

Tea: I love you, Todd. I've been with other people, and I cannot forget you. Do you understand that?

Todd: Yeah.

Tea: And?

Todd: And -- right, um -- well, I believe you -- which are probably really stupid because you did betray me about my kids.

Tea: Oh. We're not going to get into that again, are we?

Todd: No. That was -- yeah, you know -- that was before.

Tea: Yeah. This is now. And it's just you and me. And nothing's going to come between us, ok? “

Like I said last week no one was more surprised then myself when I did a 180-degree turnabout. I had always been a Todd/Blair fan but somehow this seems right now. I really believe that Blair and Todd are over and that he really does love Tea and is not just using her to get his kids back. Todd has a lot of trust issues and so does Tea, so this is a big step for the both of them. I love the fact that RH is staying. I just hope he keeps some of his bad boy image because that’s the side I like most about Todd. Don’t get me wrong the vulnerability and loving side of him is great, but Todd isn’t Todd if they turn him into a complete whoose. Plus that’s not the Todd that Tea is in love with either.

Well I know I might be in the minority on this one but I just have to say it. HOORAY MY GIRL LINDSEY IS FREE! I am so glad she is out of Statesville and back in Llandview to wreak more havoc on the citizens, especially Troy and Nora. I know I know I can just feel the rush of slings and arrows coming at me, but I don’t care. I can’t stand those two together at all. I can’t stand to watch them talk together, walk together, and most of all be with each other. Yuck. Now don’t get me wrong I think Troy is a real babe, but he doesn’t belong with Nora.

To me there just isn’t any chemistry there. Plus he is already keeping secrets from her. Oh I don’t know, I would guess that she might think he should have mentioned that he was married before. When she finds out it’s going to be all over. Now why do I think that possibly Lindsey may have something to do with that. Plus as I said before there is only one person for Nora, her one and only soul mate, yes that would be Bo. Hey also now that Lindsey is out maybe she can give her daughter some pointers on how to really stick it to people. Could there actually be a interesting and “get in your face” Jen buried under all that bland vanilla personality of hers.? Maybe she has some of her mom’s genes after all. That’s the only way I wouldn’t mind if she stayed in Llandview.


This is the BAD Stuff


I guess I have to say that it is bad that Ben has slipped into an almost definite irreversible coma. I know that it is a very sad time for Vicki and I feel for her. I think the writers did a superb job when Ben and Vicki were saying goodbye to one another. Needless to say of course Mark and Erica were awesome. It was done in good taste and even I got a little sad when they were saying their goodbyes. I have never been a fan of Ben and Vicki’s. For some reason they just never clicked for me, but nevertheless it was a very emotional and meaningful scene:

“This is not good-bye, ok, because I'll be right behind you. And I'm going to make sure they take good care of you at the clinic because, frankly, I don't care what the odds are. You are going to beat this. I didn't fight so hard to come back to you just to lose you again, you know. Besides, our two-year wedding anniversary is coming up in less than three months. And I fully expect to be dancing with you at Crossroads because you promised -- you promised me that we would, ok? And we agreed never to break our promises. Ben, it's only two years. It's just the beginning”

One good thing that came out of all this sadness is that Vicki and Natalie are close again. Natalie knows that her mother really loves her and Natalie told Vicki how she feels about her. I really like Nat a lot and I think MA is doing a superb job. Now if the TPTB could only see in front of their noses and realize that most of us fans want Nat and Chris together this could be the OLTL I used to love to watch, one of the best on tv.

Right, now Keri realizes that she still does love Antonio and that she wants to find him and tell him so. Why did she have to be such an idiot about that earlier? I know she felt that Antonio should have believed her about RJ, and when he didn’t she felt betrayed. But she should have also realized how many many times RJ has been found guilty and that Antonio was witness to this. She needed to trust his instincts on this. He is in a lot of pain right now, after what he did to Ben. Not only does he have to live with possibly having killed an innocent man, he realizes that he may never be a cop again. I know how hard it was for him to give up his badge and gun to Bo, because it means everything to him being a cop.

This is the Ugly Stuff


Again there are times when I put characters in two different sections and this is one of those times. Like you read earlier I do not, under any circumstances want Nora and Troy to stay a couple. They make me sick just watching them. I hate the way she acts around him. She reminds of these women that become clinging, dependent and very unsure of themselves. Like “Oh Troy you have to protect me from big bad Lindsey who I am sure escaped just to get at me”. Believe me Nora it is not all about you. Secondly this is not the Nora I grew up on. The woman I knew was independent, very very sure of herself, vibrant, and not afraid of anyone. She took risks, and she stood up to anyone that tried to give her any sh*t. That’s the Nora I want to see back. Not this paper doll imitation.
Well that’s it for another week guys. I hope as always that you enjoy them and remember all comments are welcome.

CREDITS: Transcripts from TV Megasite. Thanks Suzanne and Amanda.

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