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Well, hi there.   Glad you could stop in and visit with me for a while.  I am the female of the species and I am here to tell you a little bit about us today.

We are also known as the Delicate owl, White owl, or Screech Owl. Our scientific name is "Tyto alba" meaning "a species of white owl" for you scientific and scholarly types.

We are usually light grey with fine dark lines and pale spots on our feathers. We have markings on our wings and on our backs. Our bellies are white with a few black spots and our heart-shaped face is white with a brownish edge. Our eyes are black and our beaks are off-white. Unlike other owls our males are about the same size and colors as us.

We mostly hunt on the ground and our diet consists of small rodents, usually field mice. Some of our other choices are baby rabbits (aw cmon now don't hate us we have to eat too you know) bats, frogs, lizards and yucky insects - my least favorite.. We don't usually have any trouble finding food because of our acute hearing and the way we don't make any noise when we are in flight. We don't make any noise because our wings are muffled by a soft velvety pile on our feather surface and if that wasn't enough the edges of our wings have a fringe which deadens the sound of our wing beats. Pretty clever wouldn't you say? We have pretty cool ears that are at different angles and covered by tufts of feathers which turns our head into a radar-kind of thing which gives us very good directional and sensitive hearing. What all this boils down to is that we can find our prey in total darkness which can really come in handy at times.

Unlike other owls we are not fussy about when we decide to have a family, anytime of the year is fine with us. I usually lay about 3-6 eggs at two day intervals. Then it usually takes me about 34 days for my little ones to be born. After they are born it takes them about 7 weeks or so to learn hunting skills so they can be on their own.

The only sad thing about our species is that we are among the shortest-lived birds. Unlike most owls that can live as much as 12-40 yrs. we usually die in our first year of life, maybe if we're lucky two. I'm not sure the reason for this but while we are alive we live a good life and as you can see we are very beautiful birds.

As far as our residence is concerned we prefer open woodlands and moors, and then forests. We like just about all areas of the world and can be found almost anywhere. We can be found in Australia, Britain, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. So you see even if we don't live very long we get to travel a lot.

Well, I must go now but if you look up sometime, way in the sky and see a big beautiful white-looking bird flying silently you might be seeing me up there.

P.S. If you CLICK HERE I will give a call for you, and you can also hear what my BABIES sound like when they're hungry, which is most of the time.

The Barn Owl

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