The Masked Owl

Hello. I am the Masked Owl also known as "Tyto navaehollandiae" or the Cave Owl, or the Tasmanian Masked Owl, but you can just call me that darn cute owl. I live mostly in western Australia. you know where those funny looking Koala bears are. I am mainly blackish-brown speckled with white spots. My face is white and some of my relatives have chestnut faces, and of course I have big brown eyes. My beak is white and my feet (hard to see) are kinda light brown. Not like the crazy bird above.. ha ha

I'm also much bigger than my little brothers too. :)

I like all kinds of food. Mostly I enjoy hunting out in the open. Some things on the menu are rabbits, Possums, Bush rats, Sugar Gliders, other cute little birds, domestic fowl and of course, Antechinus (whatever that is).

Now breeding is kinda cool, because the male owl likes to feed me and we do little dances (flying) around the nesting area in a kind of ritual before mating starts. We'll pick a nice isolated tree (wouldnt you?) and soon I'll drop about 2 or 4 eggs. The eggs are close to 2 inches (49 mm) and before you know it ( about 42 days) we've got a family! The little ones are so cute, covered in down and all. Several weeks later the little guys are ready to venture out into the world.

Well I have to get going.. breeding takes place from March till July and I've already got the evenings planned :) See ya. Remember. "Give a Hoot"

The Masked Owl

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