Screech Owl

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The Eastern Screech Owl

A Report by Michelle

The owl I studied is called the Eastern Screech owl. My owl has two different colors, brownish gray and reddish orange with dots and streaks. Itís ten inches long. Itís the only small owl with ear tufts, a gray beak, yellow and black eyes. Owls have about 10,000 feathers. My owl eats beetles, frogs, fish, moths, bats, and mice. It hears its prey and flies down at it silently. He catches it with his talons. My owl lives in North America from Alaska to northern Mexico. An interesting fact about my owl is that itís the only small owl with ear tufts. It also comes in two different colors. It has very fancy feathers. It likes to sit on bird-feeders and make spooky sounds.

Thanks Michelle

The Screech Owl

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