The Elf Owl

Here are some fun facts about me,
the Elf Owl

The Elf Owl
World's Smallest Owl

Hi Guys, Let me introduce myself.. I am Ernie the Elf Owl.
Obviously, by my name, I am on the small side, but very cute! How small? The smallest owl there is! They say I measure between 8 to 11 inches long, and I weigh in at about 7 ounces.
I am mostly nocturnal, which means I love to roam around at night and sleep during the day.

My Description:
I have a large brown rounded head with white spots and yellow eyes. My breast is brown and gray, and I have a cute white belly and a short tail, as tails go.. heh heh.
My better half will usually lay from 2 to 4 eggs. She likes to hang out around an old woodpecker nest, or even a big cactus plant. Have to be careful there... Ouch!!!
We are also attracted to powerlines as nest sites, but by word of "beak" we have heard that the powerlines can be hazardous to our health!! We're grateful to the "Black Gap Wildlife Management" in west Texas ( because they are building us nest boxes to help us along with our families. We hang out mostly in Texas and parts of southern California and Arizona, and also western Mexico. Well thanks for stopping by. If you have have any questions about any of us owls, just email me. Would be happy to talk with ya. Bye for now.

Ernie :+)

The Elf Owl

Copyright by Greg Lasley  used with permission

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