Hi There,
I am known as the Boreal Owl. My scientific name, if you really need to know that, is Aegolius funereus. In Europe, I'm called Tengmalm's owl.

As you can see from my picture, besides being very cute, I am one of the smallest of the relatives. (9 to 11 inches) I have a gray squarish face, with black and yellow eyes, and a light colored beak. My tail and wings and back are brown with white streaks, and I look a lot like my cousin the Saw Whet owl, but I'm bigger. When I get hungry, I like to eat mostly rodents. I also like insects, bats, some frogs, salamanders, small snakes and lizards, and during the nesting season, a few birds even.

BREEDING: I'm not too fond of making a nest because there's a lot of work involved there. What I would rather do is use someone else's nest preferably the woodpecker's nest cuz he has a really cool one. I like to start my family arounnd April or May and usually lay about 3 to 7 eggs within 32 days my little guys are ready to enter the world. Daddy likes to bring food and hang out close by, if he isn't off breeding with some other female (which they commonly do) and surprisingly the other female nest may be as close as a few hundred yards away! Well this is the nineties! My kids start looking around for a home of their own around 8 weeks later knowing of course they are always welcome back to visit.

HABITAT: We make our homes in Alaska, northwestern Canada and northern United States. We also like to reside in Europe. Oh by the way we also have the distinguished title of being know as The Greek God of the Wind. This somehow is derived from our name "Boreus". I'm not exactly sure how it works but I did feel it was worth mentioning as it is somewhat of an honor bestowed upon us.

The Boreal Owl

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