Hi. My name is Bubo bubo. I think that's Latin for Eagle Owl from what I hear. We Eagle Owls are among the largest owls in the world.

If you need to know, we're from the Class: Aves, of the Order: Strigiformes, of the Family Strigidae.
I could get into Subfamilies too, but I guess we've got that info somewhere else :)

By the way, the Great Horned Owl, (a big guy) is an Eagle Owl. Didn't know that did ya? heh heh.
length: 27 inches
Wingspan: 66 inches
Weight: almost 6 lbs.

We mostly like rodents and other small animals, but really anything that moves, ha ha. Due to our almost lacking sense of smell, we have no trouble making a tasty meal out of any skunk that wanders by too.
Eagle Owls like tropical areas but can be found most everywhere except Australia.

The Eagle Owl

This is some information gathered about the Eagle Owl.

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